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American Phrasebook for Poles American Phrasebook for Poles - Rozmowki Amerykanskie Dla Polakow

By Jacek Galazka and Janusz Bibik.

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This book was planned for an intensive year course. It can be used as a classroom textbook or for self-teaching and includes twenty-five lessons each divided into sentences, pronunciation, grammar exercises, and vocabulary. Beginning Polish Volume One Revised Edition by Alexander M. Schenker

by Alexander M. Schenker

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A perennial best-seller, this 15-language menu glossary ensures that dining out in a foreign country will be easy, relaxing, and enjoyable. A trusted companion no one should leave behind, the Berlitz European Menu Berlitz European Menu Reader


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Berlitz Polish Travel Pack includes a 224 page phrase book and an audio CD. Learners are provided with 1,200 written words and phrases, easy-to-understand pronunciation, a dictionary, emergency expressions, and color-coded Berlitz Travel Pack w/Audio CD

Passionate About Language

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Colloquial Polish is easy to use and completely essential! Specially written by experienced teachers for self-study or class use, the course offers you a step-by-step approach to written and spoken Polish. No prior knowledge of the language is required. Colloquial Polish - The Complete Course For Beginners - Book Only

by Boleslaw W. Mazur

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Poland's original elementary primer written in Polish and used around the world to introduce young learners to the Polish alphabet and basic sentences. Elementarz

by Marian Falski and Illustrated by Janusz Grabianski

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Elementarz By Marian Falski Elementarz By Marian Falski

by Marian Falski and Illustrated by Jerzy Karolak

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This book is designed for learning Polish under a teacher's guidance as no English is included in the book.  Used as a textbook at the University of Michigan for first year Polish.  Includes texts which are authentic and modeled on contemporary Hurra!!! Po Polsku: Student's Textbook A1 Level

By Malgorzata Malolepsza

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There's no better way to make use of all that spare time on a plane than to master the essentials of a language. This 60-minute program is the simplest way to learn just enough to get by in every situation essential to both the tourist and business travel In-Flight Polish - Learn Before You Land

Compact disc

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This book is a sequel to and continuation of the author's immensely successful First Year Polish (see above). It is intended for use in the late second through third year of language study. Intermediate Polish

by Oscar Swan

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Intermediate Polish is designed for learners who have achieved basic proficiency and wish to progress to more complex language. Each unit combines clear, concise grammar explanations with examples and exercises to help build confidence and fluency. Intermediate Polish A Grammar and Workbook

by Dana Bielec

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This first volume of the well-known textbook is designed for learners of Polish at the intermediate level. The second volume, which is for advanced learners, is in preparation. In this edition, the Communication part has been extended and new exercises Kiedys Wrocisz Tu - Intermediate Polish Part I

Intermediate Level

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These imaginative courses, designed for both individual and classroom use, assume no previous knowledge of the language. The unique combination of practical exercises and step-by-step grammar emphasizes a functional approach to new scripts and their vocab Mastering Polish Book With 2 Audio CD's

Book and 2 CD's

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Mowimy po angielsku - We Speak English Mowimy po angielsku - We Speak English

By Leon Leszek Szkutnik

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The beautifully illustrated Polish-English dictionary is an invitation to learn and play with Moomins - the iconic heroes of Tove Jansson's novel. The dictionary contains basic vocabulary and phrases in Polish and English. This book is a perfect gift for Muminki. Wielki Slownik - Great Polish-English Picture Dictionary

By Paivi Kaataja And Riikka Turkulainen

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Polish An Essential Grammar Polish An Essential Grammar

By Dana Bielec

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A basic course in Polish designed for beginners, which can also be used for revising basic grammar and vocabulary. Polish in 4 Weeks Level 1- Handbook

By Kimon Andrews and Marzena Kowalska

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Laminated flip-style folds make this compact, sturdy, durable and weatherproof! Beautifully illustrated; contains over 1,000 words and phrases covering the basics for any trip. The phonetics are based on American English making foreign words and sounds Polish Language Map

by Kristine K. Kershul

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"Polish Verbs & Essentials of Grammar" offers a solid foundation of major verbal and grammatical concepts of the language, from pronouns to adjectives and from irregular verbs to conjunctions, includes information on the Polish alphabet and pronounciation Polish Verbs and Essentials of Grammar

by Oscar E. Swan

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Fastest most easy to use method ever devised for finding the phrases you need instantly in compact, sturdily produced books that will stand up to years of use. Say It In Polish

by Victor Raysman

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Speak Polish. A Practical Self-study Guide is a new manual for students of Polish as a foreign language. Containing lists of sentences sorted according to grammar points, the course starts with the most basic concepts and takes the student on a journey t Speak Polish A Practical Self-Study Guide For Beginners With CD

By Justyna Bednarek

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Although designed primarily for use with Oscar Swan's First Year Polish the material in this workbook can also be used with other Polish textbooks. Part I, Alphabet and Phonetics, has a systematic presentation of the Polish alphabet, notes on phonetics, a Supplemental Materials for First Year Polish

by Leonard A. Polakiewicz

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The Rough Guide Polish Phrasebook is the definitive phrasebook to help you make the most of your time in Poland. Whether you want to book a hotel room, ask what time the train leaves or buy a drink from the bar, this new phrasebook has a dictionary of o The Rough Guide Phrasebook - Polish

Compiled by Lexus with Anna Plank

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