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  • Polish Christmas

    Polish Christmas Gifts and Cultural Decorations

    The items in our large selection of traditional Polish Christmas gifts and cultural decor have all been handpicked and curated for you, with a Polish-heritage Christmas in mind. Browse our large selection of unique and meaningful products, such as books, Polish chocolate and other sweet treats, hand-painted and handmade artwork like Christmas nesting dolls and Swiety Mikolaj carvings, and koledy CDs and other media masterpieces. We also proudly carry creches and nativities, along with Polish Christmas ornaments like classic straw, glass, and even Christopher Radko ornaments. There are plenty of options to choose from that are both extraordinarily crafted and full of Polish pride in preparation for your Polish-heritage Christmas! If you have any questions about our traditional Polish Christmas gifts or decorations, please contact us today.
  • Easter

    Pisanki & Polish Easter Traditions

    Polish Art Center offers an incredible selection for those looking for special gifts and decorations to observe and honor Polish & Ukrainian Easter. From brightly colored candy to books filled with information about Easter traditions, to baskets, napkins, music, cards, and more, you will find everything you need for a truly special holiday.