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Polish Christmas Gifts and Cultural Decorations

The items in our large selection of traditional Polish Christmas gifts and cultural decor have all been handpicked and curated for you, with a Polish-heritage Christmas in mind. Browse our large selection of unique and meaningful products, such as books, Polish chocolate and other sweet treats, hand-painted and handmade artwork like Christmas nesting dolls and Swiety Mikolaj carvings, and koledy CDs and other media masterpieces. We also proudly carry creches and nativities, along with Polish Christmas ornaments like classic straw, glass, and even Christopher Radko ornaments. There are plenty of options to choose from that are both extraordinarily crafted and full of Polish pride in preparation for your Polish-heritage Christmas! If you have any questions about our traditional Polish Christmas gifts or decorations, please contact us today.
  • Stocking Stuffers

    Polish Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

    Stocking stuffers are typically simple, yet there can still be so much meaning, love, and tradition behind them. We have done our best to gather as many traditional Polish Christmas gifts that will make wonderful stocking stuffers for your loved ones this Christmas. The selection includes a large variety of Polish ornaments, Polish floral folk design items, handcrafted pottery, jewelry, slippers, Nativity scenes, nesting dolls, purses, wooden spoons, candles, toys, and so much more. If you’re really torn or unsure of the perfect stocking stuffer, we have Polish Christmas food gifts to consider as well. You can’t go wrong with sweet and savory treats, especially the Polish variety. With most items being imported directly from Poland or made in-house here at the Polish Art Center, these are traditional Polish gifts that are sure to be cherished and enjoyed well beyond next Christmas.
  • Christmas Books

    Polish Christmas Traditions

    We carry a wide variety of Polish Christmas books overflowing with rich culture and Polish Christmas traditions. In this section you will find books that include rich details about the religion, folk customs, and traditions of the Polish holiday season, such as Wigilia dinner and Polish Christmas Eve recipes, ornaments and decorations, Szopki construction, and even Christmas-themed stories and coloring books for children. There are also an array of beautiful and traditional Polish Christmas carols and hymns available.

    This selection of books is filled with delightful reading, not only reserved for the Christmas season but to be enjoyed all year round by all. They make excellent gifts and can even assist you in planning your own Polish Christmas filled with joyous traditions and celebrations! In this section find books about Polish Christmas customs, Wigilia dinner, Szopki construction, Christmas carols and hymns, and even Christmas-themed coloring books for kids.
  • Christmas Candies and Polish Treats

    Polish Christmas Candies & Treats

    There is a longstanding tradition of fine Polish cookies, chocolates, and candies going back into the Middle Ages. One such outstanding confectionary company, carried in-house, is "Kopernik," founded in 1751. We offer a large selection of traditional Polish Christmas candies and specialty items that are sure to be filled with rich flavor and history. Some of the classic Polish Christmas treats we carry are pralines, Krakus gingerbread in chocolate, plums in chocolate, Wedel chalwa - halvah, candies with fruit fillings, and assortments of fine dark chocolates. There is something for everyone and plenty more to explore to prepare for this holiday season!
  • Christmas Dolls

    Polish Christmas Nesting Dolls & Folk Art

    Our selection of Polish nesting dolls and folk art Christmas figurines are intricately handcrafted and representative of traditional Polish Christmas decor, most coming directly from Poland. You won’t find any two pieces that are identical being that they are painted, carved, and designed by hand. This unique collection includes Santa nesting dolls, the traditional Matryoshka doll, Swiety Mikolaj (also known as St. Nicholas) folk dolls from the Polish heritage series, musical Russian Matrushka, St. Nicholas folk carvings, nutcrackers, and even blank nesting dolls for fun do-it-yourself projects. There is no shortage of enjoyment to be had with this lineup of collectible folk art christmas decorations. Order online or come visit us and shop in-store!
  • Christmas Music

    Polish Christmas Music & Carols

    Our delightful medley of traditional Polish Christmas music and Polish carols recount the Christmas season in a way that typifies Polish heritage as a whole. Music is a true and timeless gift, to yourself or your loved ones, that will surely help spread peace, joy, and hope throughout the season. Explore the lovely collection we’ve curated, and read on to learn more about traditional Polish carols and the history that makes them so enchanting.

    The carol, or koleda in Polish (from the Latin "calendae"), is a song thematically connected with Christmas, and carols are sung in Poland from December 24 to February 2 — that is, to the feast of the Presentation of the Lord, or Candlemas. The carol comes from the sphere of folk culture and the tradition of singing at home. In the folk repertoire, carols hold a special place, not only in view of their specific character and variety but also for their sheer number. For centuries, they were composed in monasteries, royal courts, knights' castles, and the courts of the nobility. Their authors were members of the Polish clergy, church organists, parish school teachers, and on occasion our distinguished writers and poets. The musical canvas of the Polish carol is formed above all by the melodies and rhythms of dances such as mazurkas, krakowiaks, obereks, kujawiaks, polonaises, and sentimental dumkas or elegies. Many Christmas carols likewise possess a touch of majestic choruses and hymns, whose melody line and deep theological content testify to their origins in Latin Gregorian chant (From the introduction by Wanda Gladysz to "The Pastoral Mass").
  • Nativities & Creches

    Polish Nativities & Creches

    One of the most enduring Christmas traditions is setting up a creche Nativity set during the holiday season as a representation of the scene of Jesus Christ's birth. We feature a beautiful variety of Polish Nativity sets and creches directly from Poland, including a Polish pottery Nativity set, straw Nativity creche, and hand-carved and painted sets, but the most famous of all are those from Krakow. Each year on the first Thursday of December, from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m., in keeping with the local tradition, Nativity scene makers gather in the picturesque scenery of the the Adam Mickiewicz statue to present their latest craftwork to the organizers of the Krakow Nativity Scene Contest — representatives of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow (HMK) — as well as to the wide circle of tradition lovers. The contest was initiated in 1937 by the Krakow Municipal Board. As the local newspaper wrote on Dec. 23 of that year, "It yielded extraordinarily impressive results, and the Krakow authorities made a praiseworthy effort by inspiring nativity scene makers to safeguard the ancient custom, raise the level of their artistry, and — most of all — to preserve the purity of style of the Krakow nativity scene."

    Download the Templates created by FPA or create your own, and browse our collection of artfully made Polish Nativities and creches!
  • Wooden Boxes

    Wooden Christmas Boxes - Handcrafted using Linden wood from the Tatra mountain region of Poland.  These boxes are entirely decorated by hand, using various combinations of carving, brass and copper inlays, burning, and staining techniques.  Once bestowed upon royal families throughout Europe as an elegant and exclusive gift, these boxes were used to hold timeless treasures.