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Pisanki & Polish Easter Traditions

Polish Art Center offers an incredible selection for those looking for special gifts and decorations to observe and honor Polish & Ukrainian Easter. From brightly colored candy to books filled with information about Easter traditions, to baskets, napkins, music, cards, and more, you will find everything you need for a truly special holiday.

  • Easter Baskets

    Traditional Polish Easter Basket Varieties

    Celebrate this Easter season with the Polish Art Center and fill your basket with tradition! The Polish Easter basket varieties available at the Polish Art Center are sure to create a memorable experience for your Polish Easter basket blessing or traditions. Each beautifully woven basket is made from high-quality, sustainable materials and designed to give you a lasting impression.

    The main ingredient in every traditional święconka (Shvjen-tzon-kah) is to remember the true meaning of Easter – renewal and hope. With an emphasis on Christian beliefs, the elements inside the basket carry an important symbolic meaning for all to understand. Fill your basket with items such as cheese, butter, salt, honey, eggs, ham, and a lamb to represent faith, hope, health, and Jesus Christ and his self-sacrifice – You may also find that each area of Poland might have its own list of traditional foods or different variations of how they are prepared; making your baskets both unique and meaningful.

    Make this Easter Sunday one of special significance with a handmade Polish Easter basket from Polish Art Center!
  • Basket Covers & Linens

    Polish Easter Basket Covers Add That Perfect Touch
  • Books and DVD's

    Easter Books and DVDs

    At the Polish Art Center, we offer a beautiful Easter book collection filled with a wide choice of books and DVDs. Our Easter collection includes information-rich books that go into depth about customs, traditions, and recipes from both Poland and Ukraine. We also stock craft books, covering topics such as Ukrainian Easter egg decorating known as pysanky, along with Polish egg decorating called pisanki. Furthermore, we have board books and activity books specifically designed for kids, featuring stories, coloring pages, and egg designs.

    But that’s not all: Our selection also features instructional DVDs with videos demonstrating traditional egg decoration techniques. Created by experts in egg art, you receive a lesson in Easter egg design while also gaining detailed knowledge of the history behind this amazing tradition. This is definitely an opportunity you don’t want to miss for bringing some authentic Easter fun into your home.
  • Dinner Napkins

    Easter Napkins

    Welcome to Polish Art Center, offering a stunning selection of over 20 special Easter napkin designs. All of our beautiful napkins are designed and crafted in Poland with the utmost attention to detail. Our collection features traditional Easter scenes, including carved Easter eggs, Wycinanki cutouts, lushly covered baskets, and lambs surrounded by vibrant florals. With packages offering 16 to 20 napkins per bundle, you can add a thoughtful touch to your Easter celebrations this year.

    Our important occasions never quite reach their full potential without beautiful details that help set the mood for special moments with family and friends. The Polish Art Center provides the perfect napkin designs to bring those memories together. We know each year eagerly brings a new occasion for joy and celebration. Our Napkin collection is here to ensure lasting memories are created courtesy of art and culture from our treasured homeland — with table settings that look divine.

    Enhance your dining experience this Easter with exquisite details from the heartland of Poland provided exclusively through the Polish Art Center — where quality comes first in delivering delightful works of art for all your holiday gatherings!
  • Egg Sleeves, Lambs, Molds . . .

    Easter Lamb Figurines, Molds, Egg Wraps, Decor & More

    Discover your own Easter traditions at the Polish Art Center. Featuring a stunning collection of Polish and Ukrainian traditional pieces for celebrating the holiday, the Polish Art Center will help you honor your heritage with beautiful and meaningful remembrances. . From a butter lamb mold to various wood-carved molds to colorful egg wraps and sleeves, you can find many time-honored items to support your celebration throughout the springtime season.

    We also offer festive candles, ornaments, and fun activities that your family can enjoy together. For an especially traditional touch, add our symbolic Easter Lamb, or Baranek wielkanocny, representing the sacrificial Paschal Lamb — in other words, Jesus’ victory of life over death. Made of butter or sugar rock candy but also of dough, wood, plaster, fleece, or even plastic, the lamb usually wields a red banner of Resurrection emblazoned with a gold cross, although other colors are also encountered. It should go into the basket last because, in effect, it watches over the rest of the ingredients. (Robert Strybel)

    We encourage you to browse our selection to find the perfect pieces to enhance your Easter memories or start a new tradition this season.
  • Egg Stands

    Egg Stand Collection

    Introducing the Polish Art Center egg stand collection that effortlessly puts your pisanki or pysanky on display. If you’re a passionate Easter egg artist, you know how much time and effort goes into crafting the perfect design. Let this timeless tradition and your works of art shine this season with our beautiful and durable stands designed to preserve your creations while complementing their charm. From wooden stands to iron and gold finishes, we have something for everyone’s individual style. Our Easter egg display stands are made to keep your eggs safe from damage while showing their beauty from all angles.

    Enjoy this special time with family and join in celebrating one of the many beloved Easter traditions by proudly displaying your pisanki or pysanky on a special, high-quality egg stand. We also carry a large variety of egg decorating supplies for your convenience, along with hand-carved pisanki if you’d prefer to display pre-designed eggs made in Poland.
  • Greeting Cards

    Easter Card Collection

    Polish Art Center is proud to offer you beautiful and authentic Polish and Ukrainian Easter cards. Our collection features a diverse range of looks, from traditional religious designs to secular cards, including some with English and Polish greetings. We also have an exquisite blank Easter card selection for personalized messages.

    Our Easter, or Wielkanoc, card collection contains art that celebrates the most important holiday in Poland, characterized by its religious devotion and long-standing traditions. From the sweet sugar confection blessed on Holy Saturday to the cannon fired during the ceremony to emphasize the resurrection, these pieces capture all of the beauty and timelessness of this annual celebration. Whether you're looking for ornately colorful folk art or classic pisanki pictures, we have something to make any Easter celebration special!

    Let Polish Art Center make your Easter extra joyous with its unique blend of original art and meaningful tradition – shop our collection today!
  • Music

    Traditional Easter Songs and Songs About Jesus

    The Polish Art Center allows us to explore the traditional Lenten culture in Polish and Ukrainian music. Featuring wonderful selections of Easter songs that tell stories of hope, reflection, and redemption, as well as works dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, this collection is an invaluable asset to our knowledge of Jesus’ final hours and early Christian art.

    Whether you opt for a CD or the old Polish hymnal sheets of words and music, the Polish Art Center can assure you true insight into one of the most beautiful and fascinating cultural heritages ever celebrated. Enjoy unique arrangements that capture this profound season's spiritual wonder and mystery with professional recordings that can be treasured all year round. Experience a true sense of traditional celebration by exploring the Polish and Ukrainian lenten heritage today!
  • Pisanki Eggs (Pysanky)

    Pysanky Eggs

    Pysanky / Pisanki symbolizes the promise of life’s reviving force and the hope that Christians strengthen their faith through the celebration of the resurrection. It is an important part of Polish and Ukrainian culture as it is often exchanged among family members on Easter Sunday as a sign of friendship, much like the sharing of Oplatek (Christmas Wafer) on Christmas Eve. Making these special designs that fill up beautiful baskets creates warm memories which last long after Easter has passed by.

    Polish Art Center proudly offers traditional, handmade Polish and Ukrainian pre-decorated pysanky eggs that are available in crystal, porcelain, wood, and glass ornaments, and if you’d like to DIY, we also carry pysanky decorating kits and offer egg decorating classes at our Hamtramck location. Our unique Easter egg painting kit includes the tools and accessories you need to bring the timeless tradition of holiday egg decorating into your home. With our Pysanky kit, you will receive a set of expertly crafted wax drawing pins, dyes with instruction leaflets, and a Polish cloth for resting your eggs during the process! All of these items are expertly hand-crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability and authenticity.
  • Egg Decorating Supplies

    Easter Egg Art Decorating Supplies

    Discover the world of art and tradition when you shop at the Polish Art Center this Easter season! Our unique selection of supplies, tools, and kits provides everything you need to bring your creative vision to life. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, we have something for everyone, from traditional pisanki or pysanky tools, such as wax, dyes, and blowers, to electric styluses, non-electric styluses, and beautiful templates. Ignite your imagination and discover this ancient tradition with our wide variety of Easter egg art decorating supplies!

    Create your own beautiful designs that represent the timeless celebrations of fertility, rebirth and life with these gorgeous pieces to cherish during your holiday season and beyond. Also, be sure to browse our collection of sturdy egg stands to showcase your lovely egg art. The Polish Art Center genuinely hopes you and yours have an unforgettable experience this holiday season and have the opportunity to explore all we offer to enhance your festivities.
Our beautiful selections of Pisanki/Pysanky supplies and Easter egg design books make it easy to create unique works of art, even for those who are new to the traditional egg decorating technique. You can purchase all of the necessary supplies from the Polish Art Center in a kit complete with lamb molds or separately, depending on your preference. If you are looking for a beautiful way to display your decorated creations, we have an exciting assortment of unique egg stands available in acrylic, iron, brass, gold, and wooden varieties. Polish Art Center gives you access to everything you need for a lovely Polish Easter, and at an affordable price without sacrificing the quality of craftsmanship or beauty.