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Learn how to make Pisanki, Pysanky, with all supplies available as kits or separately. Our books, posters & videos make it easy for anyone. We have decorated real and wooden eggs that look great in the impressive selection of stands! Lamb molds also.

  • Basket Covers - Linens

    Polish Easter Basket Covers Add That Perfect Touch
  • Egg Sleeves, Lambs, Molds . . .

    Easter Lamb (Baranek wielkanocny): Made of butter or sugar (rock candy), but also of dough, wood, plaster, fleece or even plastic, the lamb with a usually wields a red banner of Resurrection emblazoned with a gold cross (although other colors are also encountered). It should go into the basket last, because in effect it watches over the rest of the ingredients. The Baranek symbolizes the sacrificial Paschal lamb, in other words Jesus himself, whose banner proclaims His victory of life over death. -By Robert Strybel
  • Pisanki Eggs (Pysanky)

    Pisanki symbolize the revival of nature and the hope that Christians gain from faith in the resurrection. Pisanki are created by drawing on an egg shell covered with a layer of wax, or alternately drawing designs with wax on bare egg. The egg is then submerged into a dye. In the past, only women decorated eggs. In fact, men were not allowed inside the house during the process. Today, however, both men and women participate in the decorating. on Easter Sunday, before the traditional breakfast, these eggs are exchanged and shared among the family at the table. This is a symbol of friendship similar to the sharing of the Oplatek (Christmas wafer) on Christmas Eve.