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  • Polish Boxes

    Hand Decorated Wooden Polish Boxes

    Our stunning wooden Polish boxes are handcrafted using linden wood from the gorgeous Tatra Mountain region of Poland. These boxes are formed by the skilled artisans of this region and entirely decorated by hand using various combinations of carving, brass and copper inlays, burning, and staining techniques that effortlessly retain the original wood grain. In an ever-growing era of mass-produced goods, handcrafted treasures, such as these stunning Polish boxes, allow for charm and imagination to shine through. The Polish Art Center carries everything from wood jewelry box options to wooden art boxes, playing card boxes, sewing boxes, picture frame boxes, tooth boxes, and many traditional polish folk art-inspired boxes. There is something for everyone and these boxes are sure to please.
  • Chess Sets

    Chess was a part of the aristocratic culture since Middle Ages. As part of noble culture, it was used as a means of teaching war strategy and was dubbed the "King's Game".  Beautiful chess sets used by the aristocracy of the time are mostly lost, but some of the surviving examples date back to the 12th century.  Elegant chess sets make a statement and are cherished by their owners and future generations.

    We offer a selection of handmade wooden chess sets, from the Tatra mountain region, which exhibit exquiste craftsmanship, impeccable construction and high artistic quality.  Most are made from a combination of poplar, linden, birch and beech woods, and one example is 100% oak.  All pieces have felt bottoms.  Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Ciupagi/Mountaineer's Walking Sticks

    Ciupagi/Mountaineer's Walking Sticks- Handcrafted using Linden wood from the Tatra mountain region of Poland.  These cuipagi are entirely decorated by hand
  • Dolls - Nesting

    Warning: Nesting dolls with small parts present a choking hazard.

    The primary safety concern with nesting dolls is that many of them contain small parts that might cause an infant to choke. Therefore, very few nesting dolls are appropriate for children 3 years of age, or younger. Please do not let your children put nesting dolls into their mouths!
  • Eggs

    We offer a variety of handpainted Polish and Ukrainian wooden eggs, from geometric designs to traditional themes, such as:  The Polish Eagle, Easter Lamb, Our Lady of Czestochowa, John Paul-II and more!
  • Folk Carvings/ Figures

    Handmade wooden folk art is a treasured collectible.  We offer a large variety of beautiful and artistic figurines made of linden wood, hand carved and painted by Polish woodworkers.  Subjects include village folk, hunters, fishermen, and sportsmen in action.  Also included are pieces with religious and biblical themes.  Some are signed by the artist, several have limited quantities available.  These delightful works are excellent examples of a Polish folk art form that is fading away.  Start or enhance your collection today!
  • Matches

    The history of the humble little safety match begins in 1855. In the early part of the twentieth century, some  Polish match suppliers decorated their matchbox covers with traditional folk designs.  There is only one museum in Poland (located in Bystrzycy Klodzkiej) that is dedicated to preserving this rich history of matchbox covers.  Help us support the work of this museum by purchasing their products.
  • Plates

    Skilled artisans from the Tatra Mountain region of Poland are famous for their beautiful plates made of seasoned Linden wood.  This region employs centuries old traditions and meticulous craftsmanship to create a finished product of uncompromising quality. The plates are entirely decorated by hand, using various combinations of carving, brass and copper inlays, burning, and staining techniques. No two plates are exactly alike.
  • Shadow Boxes

    Poland has a long history of craftsmen working with wood in southern Poland. Their workshops produce beautiful hand made boxes, plates and carvings.  One novelty that showcases their talents are handmade shadow boxes that depict scenes of everyday life.  A perfect wall decoration, especially when it matches the occupation of the home owner!  Examples include:  Florist, Bakery, Dentist Office, Beauty Salon, Dry Goods store, Woodworking shop, Doctor's Office, and Tavern.  Brings a smile to onlookers!
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Tennis Picture Frame Tennis Picture Frame - Made in Poland

From The Tatra Mountain Region

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