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The author's search begins inauspiciously, but he soon meets a local wine merchant and her son, who are eager to reveal the secrets of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, the town near which his grandmother was born. With them, he begins to master his ancestral langua A Polish Son in the Motherland: An American's Journey Home

by Leonard Kniffel

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Busia: Seasons on the Farm with My Polish Grandmother. The book chronicles one year in the life of a young boy and his grandmother on a farm in Michigan in the 1950s. Busia: Seasons on the Farm with My Polish Grandmother

by Leonard Kniffel

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Journey Into Poland is a memoir about family and the search for my roots, but it’s more than that. I wanted to introduce you to its enchanting beauty; its friendly, obliging people; and sprinkle in some of its history one must know in order to understand Journey Into Poland: My Roots in Grandfather's Village

by Janet Hudon Hartman

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Pan Tadeusz (bilingual edition), Softcover Pan Tadeusz (bilingual edition), Softcover

Adam Mickiewicz
translated by Kenneth R. MacKenzie

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This book is a case study of the way in which ethnic identities are created and shaped by literature, focusing on the American image of the Pole from the 1830's to the present. Princes, Peasants, and Other Polish Selves

by Thomas S. Gladsky

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Written nearly a century ago and translated into over 40 languages, Quo Vadis has been a monumental work in the history of literature. W.S. Kuniczak, the foremost Polish American novelist and master translator of Sienkiewicz in this century, presents a mo Quo Vadis

by Henryk Sienkiewicz
New English Translation by W.S. Kuniczak

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This is the second collection of short stories in English by Walerian Domanski, after “The Dog called Hitler.” In his stories, the author presents the effect of the dilettante Communist government in Poland from the perspective of the common citizens. Sexy Little Girls From The Big Village By Walerian Domanski

55 Short Stories
signed by author

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"The Dark Domain is a collection of psycho-fantasies, doom-saturated tales of lonely men lost in hostile terrain, but the melancholy lifts to provide wonderful odd scenes, like the watchmaker whose death stops all the town clocks and the phantom train tha The Dark Domain

By Stefan Grabinski
Translated By Miroslaw Lipinski

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It is a collection of short stories awarded 2015 Art Fellowship from Kresge Arts n Detroit ( sponsored by Kresge Foundation). Humor, satire, and dramatic events in Communist Poland. Written in simple language; but actions are not simple. Heart breaking The Dog Called Hitler by Walerian Domanski

48 Short Stories
signed by author

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Trace your Eastern European ancestors from American shores back to the old country. This in-depth guide will walk you step-by-step through the exciting--and challenging--journey of finding your Polish, Czech, or Slovak roots. The Family Tree Polish, Czech And Slovak Genealogy Guide

by Lisa A Alzo

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This book is a survey of Polish letters and culture from its beginnings to modern times. Czeslaw Milosz updated this edition in 1983 and added an epilogue to bring the discussion up to date. Still the only book of its kind and the standard for Polish lite The History of Polish Literature

by Czeslaw Milosz

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The Manuscript Found in Saragossa The Manuscript Found in Saragossa

Jan Potocki - Author
Ian MacLean - Translator

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Treasury of Love Poems - Adam Mickiewiecz (1798 - 1855), the great poet of Poland, was born two hundred years ago on December 24, 1798. To commemorate this event, Hippocrene Books presents this bilingual volume of his poems having love as their theme. Treasury of Love Poems By Adam Mickiewicz

By Adam Mickiewicz

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Five centuries of Polish poetry are represented by 50 poems of more than 30 of Poland's finest poets, including Novel Prize winner Wislawa Szymborska as well as Adam Mickiewicz, Zygmunt Krazinski, and Boleslaw Lesmian, appear in this bilingual compilation Treasury of Polish Love Poems, Volume 2

Edited and translated by Miroslaw Lipinski

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