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Polish Radio Folk Collection Volume 08 - Krakowskie/Tarnowskiej
Polish Radio Folk Collection Volume 08 - Krakowskie/Tarnowskiej

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The regions around the cities of Krakow and Tarnow have produced the best known Polish folk music. The term "krakowiak" may be found first in the 18th century as a general name for local double-time dances, such as: mijany (passage-dance), przebiegany (run-dance) or suwany (shuffle-dance). Their most characteristic rhythmic feature is syncopation (a shift of accent from the strong to the normally weak beat). The rhythm of krakowiak may be found in other music genres as well: in wedding songs (track 23,33d) and in Christmas carols (tr.17). On the Ciezkowice Plateau, krakowiaks and mazurkas used to be played in different episodes of the wedding ceremony, e.g. on the way to church (tr.30) or during the capping (tr.29). Among other dance tunes of Krakowskie and Tarnowskie one should mention polkas (tr.7,21,24,26,28,34), obereks (tr.5,13,19,31), chodzony (a walking dance, tr.10) and mazurkas (tr.25,29,32) as well as vanishing play-dances: przepiorka (a quail), jesiotr (a sturgeon) or zuraw (a crane). Mazurka rhythm, like that of krakowiak, is present in old wedding songs (tr. 33a,b,c) and in carols performed with an accompaniment of band music (tr.27). Polish-English booklet with details about the musicians and their music.

Song Title Information:

     Region - Krakowskie
  1. Krakowiak
  2. Janko we dworze, Johnny went into service
  3. O Najswietsza Panienko, Oh, our Holy Virgin
  4. Nieszczesliwy ten ganeczek, Oh, how fatal this porch is
  5. Oberek zaprosinowy, The invitation
  6. Piesni weselne, Wedding songs
  7. Polka Weselna, Wedding polka
  8. Siadajze Marysiu na dziezy, Sit down Mary on a crock
  9. Ogrywka chmielowa, The hop tune
 10. Chodzony, Walking dance
 11. Waz sie wije po drzewinie, A snake on a tree
 12. Mamusiu, tatusiu cos mnie wychowala, Mom, dad you who have brought me up
 13. Oberek okragly, "Round" oberek
 14. Oj tam w polu jezioro, There is a lake in the field
 15. Krakowiak
 16. Skocwa do Betlejem czym predzej pasterze, Let's come down to Bethlehem
 17. Syroko wstaga, zlote kraje u nij, Broad ribbon with golden ends
 18. Krakowiak Z gory jedz, Krakowiak "Go downhill"
 19. Oberek z Wesolowa, Oberek from Wesolow
 20. Krakowiak z Wesolowa, Krakowiak from Wesolow
 21. Polka
 22. Krakowiak zabierzowski, Krakowiak from Zabierzow
 23. Piesni weselne, Wedding songs
 24. Polka
     Region - Tarnowskie
 25. Mazurek Jo ci powidom Mazurka "I'm gonna tell you
 26. Polka
 27. Mala Dziecina, Pan Stoworca neiba, Holy Child
 28. Polka przytykana, Pizzicato polka
 29. Mazurek weselny oczepinowy Pomalutku rozplatajcie, A wedding mazurka "Unplait her hair"
 30. Krakowiaki weselne, Wedding krakowiaks
 31. Oberek
 32. Mazurek
 33. Piesni weselne, Wedding songs
 34. Polka
  • Compact Disc
  • 34 Selections
  • Total Time: 73:06
  • English-Polish Language Booklet Enclosed

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