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Polish Radio Folk Collection Volume 23 - Od Narodzin Do Smierci - From Birth To Death - The Music of Family Rituals
Od Narodzin Do Smierci - From Birth To Death

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Music has accompanied man from the onset, both in everyday life and on festive occasions.  It complemented the ritual symbolism, and played a precisely defined role in the rituals, as was as adding a local color.  The songs were part and parcel of everyday duties - lulling the baby to sleep, grazing the cattle, tilling the field.  They described the joy and the pain associated with key moments in life - loves and weddings, baptism of a newborn baby and the end of a man's life.  They united the village community, as most of them were performed collectively during weddings, baptisms, or the wake over the dead.  Personal songs, expressing individual feelings (love, longing, wooing, sorrow and pain) had their own special place - always sung solo as a highly private, intimate form of expression.  Those are the various types of songs that have been collected on this CD.
The ordering of the songs reflects the successive stages of rural life.  The music material has been selected from the Polish Radio Archive, from among recordings made between 1976 and 2005, both at the performers' homes and during festivals and regional folk meetings.  Most of the songs are performed in the dialect of the given region.



1 Various
Usnij-ze mi, usnij moj ty anioleczku      

2 Various
Kolys ni sie, kolys      

3 Various
Pstro kokoska, pstro      

4 Various
Oj, na mydlo kumowie, na mydlo      

5 Various
Kumuniu, kumuniu, co bedziem robili      

6 Various
Ach moj kumie, moj kumeczku      

7 Various
Gonmy krowy, gonmy      

8 Various
Ej, pasla byk owiecki      

9 Various
Za stodola pasla bydlo      

10 Various
Zakuwala zieziulenka      

11 Various
Lecialy zurawie przez pole blyszczace      

12 Various
Tam na polu syski, na polu kamycki      

13 Various
W stodole sowa siada      

14 Various
Oj, jakzem jechal od dziewczecia      

15 Various
Ktorandy Jasiu pojedzies      

16 Various
Oj, zaloty, zaloty      

17 Various
A wynciez wy moja mamo przed tyn nowy dwor      

18 Various
Dziewcynie miec ladna      

19 Various
Oj, w ogrodzie ziele      

20 Various
Juz dzwunium, juz dzwunium      

21 Various
Przezegnaj ich matko      

22 Various
Wybieraj sie Jasiu      

23 Various
Widzisz ty Kasiuniu na kosciele krzyz      

24 Various
Wisi ach wisi wiunecek ruciany      

25 Various
Zasiala nam sie drobna rutejka      

26 Various
Gnij sie, nie lam sie      

27 Various
A wokole moj wianeczku, wokole      

28 Various
Grejta stolowi, stolowi      

29 Various
Ogrywka chmielowa      

30 Various
Ty swaszko daj nam sera      

31 Various
Sweci niesiac, sweci      

32 Various
A wykrync sie starsy druzba dokola      

33 Various
Cepili, cepili, ni mieli cepcyska      

34 Various
Idzie druzki na dol woda      

35 Various
Chrystus jest Pan, moj zywot on nagradza hojnie      

36 Various
Zegnam cie moj swiecie wesoly      

37 Various
Jedna garstka ziemi
  • Compact Disc
  • 37 Selections
  • Total Time 70:39

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