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Polish Radio Folk Collection Volume 07 - Beskidy
Polish Radio Folk Collection Volume 07 - Beskidy

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Carpathian mountains (Eastern and Western Beskid), still rich in forests and lovely valleys, runs along the southern border of Poland. Villages there are inhabited by highlanders' groups whose ethnographic names mostly coincide with geographic terms referring to particular mountain areas. Wonderful nature, isolation from urban centers and memory of "fathers' life" - all these helped to preserve traditional folk customs, despite changing life conditions and infiltration of culturally strange elements.
The westernmost (In Poland) ethnographic group are gorale slascy (Silesian highlanders) living in Beskid Slaski (Silesian Beskid), which in its southwestern part extends to Slovakia. In the East they border on Zywiec area, the region which in its southern part, Beskid Zywiecki, is the most traditional and original. The Zywiec highlanders neighbor the groups of Babiogorcy and Orawiaks (the area of Zawoja and Babia Gora) and in the North the Krakow region. The next mountain range of Beskidy, Gorce, is inhabited by Zagorzanie who in the South border on Podhale through the Turbacz mountains. Their neighbors are Kliszczaks, a small ethnographic group on the North-East (the environs of Jordanow, Lubien, Tokarnia) and Lachy limanowskie in the North, in the south there is a borderland inhabited by gorale piwniczanscy (Piwniczna highlanders) being the last Polish small ethnographic group in the Insular Beskid. They are commonly called the "black highlanders" owing this name to the men's costumes made of dark brown homespun fabric. After World War II, still in the forties, "black highlanders" neighbored in the East the ethnically strange group of the Lemko highlanders. Nowadays, after the forced displacement of Lemkos in the 1940's this area is inhabited by immigrant people.

This CD features music from 7 distinct highlander regions played by 8 different groups or musicians. Much of this music is played on traditional folk instruments like the fiddle and accordian but this album includes shepherds instruments like the finger flute and bagpipes (gajdy), hut trumpet (traba salaska), and Jew's harp (drumia). Booklet enclosed in Polish and English languages with information about the various musicians.

Song Title Information:

Region - Beskid Slaski
  1.  Melodia pasterska
  2. Wiazanka melodii beskidzkich
  3. Stoim jo se u potoka piesn beskidzka
  4. Owiezioki
  5. Idzie owczar groniem piesn pasterska
  6. Melodia Pasterka - Na gronicku
  7. Taniec linder I melodia pasterska
  8. Melodia pasterska
  9. Hej, rosnie se lesie mloda jedliczka pastoralka
10. Chojka, chojka zieleni sie trawka pastoralka
11. Przez Istebna desta cembrowana melodia beskidzka

     Region Beskid Zywiecki
12. Piesni pasterskie Hej, a polana, polana
13. Melodia owczarska
14. Piesni weselne
15. Obyrtac taniec
16. Hajduk taniec
17. Gnala bydelecko przez male polecka ballada milosna
18. Ej, nie bede ja pasal piesni pasterskie
19. O, mlodosc moja, mlodosc piesni polne
20. Oj, gralyby dudecki piesni polne
21. Obyrtka przy koniu taniec
22. Stalo sie wesele pastoralka
23. W lesie u jawora karczma murowana
24. Wiazanka tancow zywieckich

     Region Beskid Sadecki, Gorce
25. A wy mili goscie piesni weselna
26. Jakem wolki pasta
27. Orkanowa polka
28. Hej, zahucala sowa
29. Polka
     Region Beskid Sadecki, Zagorzanie

30. Marsz
31. Krakowiak weselny
     Region Sadecki, Lachy Limanowskie

32. Melodia pasterska
33. Polka z nogi
34. Krakowiak
35. Krakowiak
36. Krakowiak
37. Polka Hop, hop
38. Oj, a ty mlody pan krakowiak weselny

     Region Beskid Sadecki, Biale gorale laccy
39. Marysia po slubie - Krakowiak weselny
40. Polka pykana
41. A jak ja se ciosne - Krakowiak
42. Polka
43. Podhalanskie krzesane i nuta zielona

     Region Beskid Sadecki, Czarni gorale z Piwnicznej
44. Poleczka cyganska
45. Czardasz
  • Compact Disc
  • 45 Selections
  • Total Time: 71:50
  • English-Polish language booklet enclosed

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