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Malbork - The Castle of the Teutonic Knights - Among the most characteristic elements of the low-lying landscape of north-east Poland, a particular place is occupied by fortified castles made out of red brick. Malbork - The Castle of the Teutonic Knights

by Mariusz Mierzwinski, photographs by Marek Zak

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The history of Poland is a fascinating story of a people struggling to achieve nationhood in the face of internal and external conflict. Poland became a unified Christian state in AD 966 and by the 12th century a knightly class had emerged - a force that Medieval Polish Armies 966-1500

by W. Sarnecki & D Nicolle
Illustrated by Gerry Ebbleton

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By 1400 the long running conflict between the Order of Teutonic Knights and Poland and Lithuania was coming to a head, partly as a result of the Order's meddling in the internal politics of its neighbours. In June 1410 King Wladislaw Jagiello of Poland in Tannenberg 1410: Disaster for the Teutonic Knights

by Stephen Turnbull
Illustrated by Richard Hook

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The Battle of Warsaw in August 1920 has been described as one of the decisive battles of European history. At the start of the battle, the Red Army appeared to be on the verge of advancing through Poland into Germany to expand the Soviet revolution. Had t Warsaw 1920: The War for the Eastern Borderlands

By Steven J Zaloga
Illustrated By Steve Noon

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