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Polish Amber and Silver Jewelry

Classic Polish jewelry in all its charm and variety, all thanks to Poland’s native gemstone.

  • Cabochons

    Amber Cabochons
    Cabochon:  a gem or bead cut in convex form and highly polished but not faceted
  • Bracelets

    Amber Bracelet Collection

    We carry a fine selection of beautiful handmade Baltic amber and sterling silver bracelets imported from Poland!
  • Cuff Links & Tie Bars

    Check out our selection of beautiful handmade amber cuff links and gorgeous tie bars.
  • Earrings

    Amber Earrings Imported From Poland

    Baltic amber earrings have a way of making people listen up, especially when they are imported from Poland. Every design has been handcrafted with exceptional attention to detail. From a classic amber stud earring to intricate and artistic earrings, there is truly something for everybody in this collection.
  • Necklaces

    Amber Necklace Collection From Poland

    The Polish Art Center’s amber necklace collection has a variety of handmade pieces that may be the only finishing touch you need. Keep your look simple and classic with stunning essentials you’ll wear daily, like an amber pendant necklace or an effortless sterling silver chain necklace that goes with everything. Add a long beaded necklace layered with intricate hues of amber for a bold yet effortless look, or the heavenly delight amber necklace stacked with eight gorgeous strands of amber beads. There are many styles and variations of amber to choose from — everything from artistic and intricate to minimalist everyday amber necklaces. This collection was curated with beauty and quality in mind and is from some of the best Baltic amber craftspeople in the country of Poland.
  • Pendants

    Check out our selection of beautiful handmade amber pendants!
  • Rings

    Amber Ring Collection From Poland

    Baltic amber is renowned for its exceptional beauty and timeless charm. What better way to display its stunning and unique qualities than on your or your loved one’s finger. Explore our large collection of rings that features classic everyday settings and rare amber ring designs that push the boundaries of originality.

  • Pins & Brooches

    Check out our selection of beautiful handmade amber pins & broaches!
Upgrade your everyday staples or give the gift of one-of-a-kind jewelry made with Poland’s local gemstone, Baltic amber. This amber is derived from the coast of Poland along the Baltic Sea; it was originally resin from local pine trees that has fossilized. The Baltic region is home to the largest known deposit of amber, and for centuries craftspeople have been making jewelry and objects out of amber on Polish soil. Amber makers from Poland continue to maintain their prestige as the best amber craftspeople in the world, and what you get with each piece is a reflection of that.

Our vast selection includes amber rings that come in many different hues, from warm honey to combinations that include rich dark amber; bracelets with beautiful multicolored stones or simpler options with a single amber stone; and amber cabochons and stones for jewelry making and collecting. You will also find a large earring and necklace selection, including sterling silver chains and amber pendants for customization, along with so many other stunning pieces sourced from Poland. All jewelry available is unique in shape and color and is crafted intricately, made to last and enjoy for years to come.