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Who was Colonel J.F. Hamtramck? Where did he come from? How did he become an influential figure? What training did he have to prepare him for the challenges he would meet? The answers are found in the years of the American Revolution when his life was cas Colonel J.F. Hamtramck, His Life and Times 1756 - 1783 Captain of the Revolution

by William L. Otten, Jr.
Volume 1

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This is the second volume of a trilogy, chronicling the life of Col. John Francis Hamtramck.  Volume II deals with the middle years of his career, from 1783-1791. Those were the years when he moved to the frontier Colonel J.F. Hamtramck, His Life and Times 1783-1791 Frontier Major

by William L. Otten, Jr.
Volume II

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Of all the kids who ever played Little League, the best of the best was a boy you’ve probably never heard of: Art “Pinky” Deras. In the summer of 1959, he led the team from Hamtramck, Mich., to the Little League World Series title, and in the process, he DVD: The Legend of Pinky Deras - The Greatest Little Leaguer There Ever Was

DVD - NTSC - US System
Written By Buddy Moorehouse
Directed By Brian Kruger

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Fueled by a massive immigrant influx in the early 20th century, Hamtramck went from being a small farming village to a major industrial town in the space of 10 years. This phenomenal growth attracted national attention Hamtramck

by Greg Kowalski
And Signed By The Author

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Hamtramck Haunts describes coming of age in a working class family of Polish immigrants, bent on making a living in America. Hamtramck was a bustling city of 50,000 in the 1930s, completely surrounded by Detroit and still is. The personal history gives a Hamtramck Haunts

by Charlotte L. Cavanary

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Let our Historic Hamtramck decorative miniature street signs bring back lots of memories living in this great town. Plastic coated over laminated paper and just the right size for displaying on the wall, bulletin board, or door. Hamtramck Michigan Street Signs

Made In The USA

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Hamtramck Postcard of Saint Florian Church.  Saint Florian is the patron saint of firefighters, Hamtramck's St Florian Church celebrates it's 100 year anniversary this year. Hamtramck Postcard of St. Florian's Church

Located 10 minutes from Downtown Detroit

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Hamtramck Magnet Hamtramck Raised Script Magnet

Kitchen Magnet

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Hamtramck Review Newspaper, is the local paper giving current happenings, including news, editorials and ads. Hamtramck Review Newspaper

Read the on-line version

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Surrounded completely by the city of Detroit, Hamtramck is today home to 24,000 residents, but its small size-just 2.1 square miles-belies its expansive history and the influence this remarkable community has had far beyond its borders. Hamtramck: The Driven City: The Making of America Series

by Greg Kowalski
Signed By The Author

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Hamtramck:  Soul Of A City - Since its founding in 1798, the city of Hamtramck, Michigan has evolved from a dusty farming community on the edge of Detroit into a nationally recognized town of culture and character. Hamtramck: Soul Of A City: Images of America

by Greg Kowalski
Signed By The Author

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Hamtramck: The World War II Years presents a portrait of the city at war. It tells and shows how Hamtramckans coped in a challenging time that demanded strength, dedication, and sacrifice. Hamtramckans stood up and delivered all that was required—and more Hamtramck: The World War II Years: Images of America

by Greg Kowalski
Signed By The Author

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Few towns in America have undergone a transformation like Hamtramck. From a farming community of 3,500 people in 1910, it became an industrial powerhouse of 48,000 by 1920. Hamtramck: Then And Now

by Greg Kowalski
Signed By The Author

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Hamtramcka Ladies T-Shirt Hamtramcka Ladies T-Shirt

98% Cotton - 2% Spandex

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Hamtramcka Men's T-Shirt Hamtramcka Men's T-Shirt

100% Pre-shrunk Cotton

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Fueled by phenomenal growth in the early part of the 20th century, Hamtramck went from being a farming community to a major industrial city in the space of a decade. Thousands of immigrants flooded into the city to work in the new auto factories. Legendary Locals of Hamtramck

by Greg Kowalski
Signed By The Author

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Our Polish Story DVD.  
Filmmaker Keith Famie, who participated in Season 1 of “Survivor,” documents the Polish-American community in Detroit, providing insight into the culture and history. Our Polish Story DVD

DVD - NTSC - US System

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Our Town - Hamtramck's 75th Anniversary Book - This VERY collectable and rare book was published in 1997 to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Hamtramck's incorporation as a city.  It contains numerous photos, a history of the city and a snapshot view of Our Town - Hamtramck's 75th Anniversary Book

A must for any fan of the little Polish City with a big heart!

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In the late 19th and early 20th century, Pittsburgh, also known as “Steel City,” was the largest steel-producing center in the United States. With its need for labor in the steel industry, Pittsburgh had an insatiable hunger for workers. Polish Pittsburgh: Images Of America Series

By Stanley States, PhD

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Impress your friends and show both your Polish and city of Detroit (The "D") pride! Polska D T-Shirt, Adult

100% Pre-shrunk Cotton

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Veterans Monument and grave of Col. John Francis Hamtramck. Veterans Memorial Park, Hamtramck, Michigan
John Francis Hamtramck was a native of Canada who dedicated his life to the new American nation. Born in 1756, Hamtramck fought in the American Post Card: Veterans Monument And Grave Of Col.John Francis Hamtramck

Veterans Memorial Park, Hamtramck, Michigan

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The National Prohibition Act was no match for Hamtramck. Once a small farming village, Hamtramck grew to be a major industrial city in just a decade. With that came enormous social problems and a peculiar concept that the legality of alcohol Prohibition In Hamtramck: Gangsters, Gunfights And Getaways

by Greg Kowalski
Signed By The Author

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'Dla Ciebie * For You!' Ribbon: Red with Metallic Gold Ribbon: 'Dla Ciebie * For You!' (Red with Metallic Gold)

Translation: For You!

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'Hamtramck' Ribbon: White with Metallic Red Ribbon: 'Hamtramck' (White with Metallic Red)

Translation: HAMTRAMCK

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Saint Florian Parish was founded in 1907 to serve the Detroit area's rapidly expanding Polish Catholic community. Its first pastor was the Rev. Bernard Zmijewski, who was an immigrant from Poznan in northwest Poland. Ground for the church was broken in St Florian Parish A Century Of Service - 100th Anniversary Commemorative Album

Historian and Author - Dr. Thaddeus C Radzilowski

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This is the 10th Anniversary of a local Hamtramck cookie exchange. The cookbook contains 120 cookie recipies and 12 dinner suggestions with recipes if you plan on hosting the event at your home.  Tips on hosting your own exchange are included! Sweet Traditions - Cookie Exchange Recipes, Menus & Ideas

A Collection of recipes by
The Cookie Connection, Hamtramck, MI

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Published by The Hamtramck Citizen newspaper on the occasion of John Paul II's visit to Hamtramck, Michigan on September 19,1987.  This full color album features highlights of the Pope in Hamtramck as well as a collection of photos of his previous travels The Man Among Us -Czlowiek Wsrod Nas- John Paul II - September 19. 1987 Hamtramck, Michigan

Published by The Hamtramck Citizen

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A few short decades ago, The Polish Muslims were only known to patrons of after hours rave parties and penitentiary inmates. Today there isn't a music fan in the Midwest who doesn't know their names and their fame is spreading like streptococcus A bacteri The Polish Muslims Make #2, Volume 2

Compact Disc

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