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1.5" square cake of darkened beeswax. For use with electric kistky, but can also be used with traditional and delrin kistky. One cake will last from one to three dozen eggs depending on your designs. 100% Black Beeswax - 1.5" Square

1.5" Square Block

Our Price: $2.59
49 in stock!
Pure refined beeswax is used because it adheres to the shell the best, it has the necessary low melting temperature, and it's sweet smell brings great memories of Easter!!!  Joan recommends that each person has a cake of wax to use to reduce the chance of 100% Natural Beeswax - Square

1.5" Square Block

Our Price: $2.49
Keeps miniatures, figurines, glass, eggs, displays from slipping, sliding, toppling, or vibrating away.  Container size is 2" dia x 1". Bard's Tacky Wax

Keep collectables from slipping!

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Beeswax  Dark Strip Wax  Package of 24 Beeswax Dark Strip Wax Package of 24

Approx .7 oz per pack

Our Price: $6.95
Brilliant Beeswax Crayons In Storage Case 24/Pkg by Faber-Castell Brilliant Beeswax Crayons In Storage Case 24/Pkg by Faber-Castell

Brilliant Beeswax Crayons In Storage Case 24/Pkg

Our Price: $12.00
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Hollow Egg Plugs - Large Hollow Egg Plugz (plugs)

Set of 10

Our Price: $1.50
Perfect size stearin (smokeless) candle to heat your kistka. Household candles of stearin burn with a clear and steady flame and you never have to worry about them bending, even if they stand in a warm and sunny room. Size is approx 7.5" tall x .75" diame Pisanki Decorating Candle 7.5" Tall

100% Stearin

Our Price: $1.50
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Additional aluminum cup to be used with the Waxmelter Palette Separate Waxmelter Palette Cup

Waxmelter Palette Accessory

Our Price: $2.00
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The Waxmelter Palette The Waxmelter Palette

Great for Drop Pull tools!

Our Price: $56.00
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Waxmelter Electric Batik Pen Waxmelter Electric Batik Pen

Made In USA

Our Price: $54.00
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Egg Decorating Wax Supplies & Melters

Copy: The Polish Art Center provides the highest quality egg decorating wax supplies and melters. Our products contain only the best materials including black, natural, and clear beeswax—for perfect results every time. For added convenience and ease of use, we also carry wax crayons, strips, candles, and much more! Our professional-grade wax melters are tailored to provide you with a reliable and efficient way to begin your creative journey. Whether you’re using them for egg decoration or any other project, you can trust our products to deliver unparalleled performance. With Polish Art Center’s wax egg decorating supplies and melters, you’ll be able to create beautiful eggs with stylish efficiency! Browse the rest of our egg decorating supplies collection to complete your project.