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This is the touching story of the wife of one of the greatest Polish poster artists of the 20th century. It is the story of growing up in Poland during the 1960's and 70's, the struggles of living there and the couples eventual exit to the West.  Intersp At Hanka's Table

by Hanka Sawka with Hanna Maria Sawka

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Beautiful album in Polish and English.  For over 7 centuries both cities have been mutually related in many ways as part of Galicia and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire.  Published in 2009 and only one copy available. Cracow And Lviv In Postcards - Krakow i Lwow w pocztowkach

Printed In Poland

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This album features the most beautiful works of art from seven museums in Cracow: Wawel Castle, The National Museum, The Museum of the Jagiellonian University, The Jageillonian Library, The Archeological Museum, The Ethnographic Museum and the Historical Cracow City Of Museums

By Dr Jerzy Banach

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The artistic work of Jozef Mehoffer (1869-1946) spans well over half a century, from his juvenilia made around 1890 under the supervision of Jan Matejko, to works completed during the Second World War.  His creative identity evolved considerably over this Jozef Mehoffer - The Collection Of The National Museum In Cracow

by Anna Zenczak
Joanna Wapiennik-Kossowicz

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When Juliusz Kossak (1824-1899) was beginning to take the first steps in painting in the mid-19th century, Romanticism was reaching an established position in Polish art. He was a self-taught artist, briefly trained in drawing by Jan Maszkowski, a Lwow ac Juliusz Kossak - The Collection Of The National Museum

by Waclawa Milewska

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The Karkonosze is the third album in the "Rainbow Series", which is dedicated to different parts of Poland. its landscape and nature under threat from man's irresponsibility.  This album is a photographic interpretation of mountain landscape Karkonosze

Photographs by Ryszard Czerwinski

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The National Museum in Warsaw's collection of medieval art is the largest and most representative collection from this time period in Poland.  "The Mystic Middle Ages" is an outstanding art book covering 120 examples from this incredible collection. Mistyczne Sredniowiecze - The Mystic Middle Ages

Forward by Jozef Kardynal Glemp

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Warszawa Polski Neon - Warsaw Polish Neon Neon Revolution; Eastern Block Electro-Graphic Design

By Ilona Karwinska

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"This book written by Jaroslaw Krawczyk is a tale on the history of Poland and the Poles, as well as on the position of the Polish state and nation among other peoples and nations. On Poland and Poles

by Jaroslaw Krawczyk

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Stary Sacz has captivated tourists, pilgrims, artists and its citizens for many years.  This is the town of unrepeated charm and atmosphere, built at the foot of St. Clare Convent, frequently called the "Medieval pearl of the Beskidy Piesn O Starym Saczu - The Song of Stary Sacz

Photographs by Sylwester Adamczyk and Adam Bujak

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This oversized color album features Polish paintings from 23 collections in America, both large and small.  It took Mr Czaplinski over 25 years to find and catalogue these collections.  It was a monumental project as collectors of Polish art in the U.S ar Polish Art Collections in America by Czeslaw Czaplinski

A Collection Of Polish Art In America

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A unique album, which presents the four most important Polish royal residences: Wawel Royal Castle, the Palace of King John III Sobieski in Wilanow, Warsaw Royal Baths and the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Each devoted to a separate part of the house Royal Residences

2015 - First Edition

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The Album presents the body of work of, one of the greatest Polish artists of the 19th century. A multi-talented man, he created masterpieces in both literature and art, and with his style started a new direction in Polish painting Stanislaw Wyspianski - The Collection Of The National Museum In Cracow

Text and editing by Marta Romanowska
Design by Wladyslaw Pluta.

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The next album from the "Painting" series presents the life and work of one of the most important and original Polish artists of the 20th century - Zofia Stryjeńska - "The Princess of Polish painting". Stryjenska - Painting/Malarstwo

Edited By Edyta Podolska-Frey

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At the beginning of the 16th century, the new style in its pure form was transplanted fro Italy to Cracow - then the capital of Poland - by Tuscan architects and sculptors who were sent for by the Polish King to work on the conversion of the Castle on Waw The Renaissance in Poland

By Helena and Stefan Kozakiewiczowie

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In a remote village at the foot of the Tatra mountains at the end of the 19th century, a handful of Polish intelligentsia, together with the Tatra Highlanders from the Zakopane region created a distinctive Polish national art-form. The Zakopane Style of Stanislaw Witkiewicz - Styl Zakopianski

By Teresa Jablonska, Leszek Szurkowski, and Piotr Drozdzik

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