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Easter Egg Dye Collection

Explore our extensive selection of over 50 vibrant Easter egg dye choices. From traditional colors to contemporary and even edible dyes, we have an exciting variety of options from which to select, no matter what you prefer. Our deluxe set includes all 17 traditional dyes with accompanying instructions on how to color your eggs just right. These dyes can also be purchased separately.

In Poland and other Eastern European countries, decorating Easter eggs is known as pisanki, or pysanky in Ukraine, an art form that has been passed down through generations. The verb pisac, which means to write in Polish, provides insight into this ritual: It involves writing on the egg with a knife or needle, or designing it with hot wax, then dipping it in dye to color the unprotected areas. Be sure to browse our other helpful egg-decorating supplies, including wax supplies, blowers, and styluses.
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    Egg Dye kits, Individual Dyes & Supplies

    Welcome to the Polish Art Center, where you can shop for incredible pisanki and pysanky dye supplies! Our stunning collection includes both traditional and contemporary coloring options in a range of hues. Our kits come complete with individual dye packets and instructions on how to create your own beautiful Easter eggs – or any creative form that you wish.

    Our selection offers an extensive variety of colors, from brilliant blues to deep purples and every hue in between. Let your inspiration be guided by these gorgeous tones, as they will help you easily craft the dream egg pieces of your mind’s eye. We have everything needed so that you don’t have to buy multiple items; all it takes is one package to create your desired results!

    With our vast selection of products, you can let your creativity soar! Shop now at the Polish Art Center and get ready to enjoy the thoughtful process of making something extraordinary by hand. Be sure to browse our additional egg decorating supplies.
  • Contemporary Dyes since 2011

    Modern Egg Dye Colors

    At Polish Art Center, we carry only the finest contemporary Easter egg dyes. Our exceptional selection of colors has been carefully refined since 2011, with great attention to detail. Our product guarantee ensures you will have vivid and beautiful colors to dye your Easter eggs. We have a wide variety of colors such as crimson, nutmeg brown, vanilla cream, and turquoise that will give you an eye-catching color palette. All of our dyes are high-quality, giving you great results every time. For the best in modern egg-dying materials, shop Polish Art Center and create stunning works of art this Easter!
  • Traditional Dyes since 1973

    Traditional Dyes for Easter eggs

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    These dyes are Non-edible chemical dyes.

  • Canadian Dyes since 2021

    Easter Egg Dyes Made in Canada

    Polish Art Center is proud to offer an extensive collection of premium Canadian egg dyes since 2021. Our range of 27 timeless and unique colors takes the traditional dyeing experience to the next level with each color being inspired by all things representative of Canada. Contrast ethereal shades like Monarch Orange with bright hues such as Viking Violet, or indulge in classic tones like Maple Syrup – whatever you are looking for, we have the perfect shade for you. All products are made exclusively in Canada using only the finest high-grade ingredients so that you can enjoy a wonderful egg coloring journey from start to finish. Look no further than Polish Art Center for all of your dye needs!

Eggs connected with Easter symbolize hope and new beginnings for those who practice this art form. By learning more about this unique tradition and exploring our products here at the Polish Art Center, you too can create beautiful and meaningful works of art — passing these techniques on to generations after you and providing a priceless gift.