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Easter Egg Dye Collection

Explore our extensive selection of over 50 vibrant Easter egg dye choices. From traditional colors to contemporary and even edible dyes, we have an exciting variety of options from which to select, no matter what you prefer. Our deluxe set includes all 17 traditional dyes with accompanying instructions on how to color your eggs just right. These dyes can also be purchased separately.

In Poland and other Eastern European countries, decorating Easter eggs is known as pisanki, or pysanky in Ukraine, an art form that has been passed down through generations. The verb pisac, which means to write in Polish, provides insight into this ritual: It involves writing on the egg with a knife or needle, or designing it with hot wax, then dipping it in dye to color the unprotected areas. Be sure to browse our other helpful egg-decorating supplies, including wax supplies, blowers, and styluses.
Eggs connected with Easter symbolize hope and new beginnings for those who practice this art form. By learning more about this unique tradition and exploring our products here at the Polish Art Center, you too can create beautiful and meaningful works of art — passing these techniques on to generations after you and providing a priceless gift.