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Pysanka Poster #4 Egg-In-Wrap, Series I - Ukrainian Design Egg Sleeves - Set of 12 [b] Pierogi Soap on a Rope
Our Price: $8.00
Our Price: $3.50
Our Price: $8.50
Pysanka Poster #4 Egg-In-Wrap, Series I - Ukrainian Design Egg Sleeves - Set of 12 Hand made with vegetable oil, cocoa butter, and essential oil of lavender.  Created with a lot of Polish tradition and and little American ingenuity!  True to tradition, these soaps are made from scratch with all natural ingredients.
19" x 25" Fun to make * Easy to put on * Eggs remain edible Looks good enough to eat!
Traditional Kistka, Set of 3 (1 of each Fine, Medium, Heavy) One Hole Egg Blower Sto Lat Party Banner 150cm/59" long
Our Price: $8.50
Our Price: $7.95
Our Price: $9.95
Traditional Kistka, Set of 3 This tool is the best quality tool. Simply make a hole larger than the tool and blow the insides out! Sto Lat Single Sided Party Banner ready to hang made of light cardboard.  Size approx 4" x 59" long.  Picture shows 2 banners. Only 1 in package
Traditional Kistka, the writing tool used for pysanky. Empty's the egg using only one hole Made In Poland
Straw Ornament - Ram with Easter Banner - Baran Original Electric Kistka, Interchangeable (110 volt - North America) Krakus Marinated Borowik Mushrooms 29.98oz/850g
Our Price: $7.95
Our Price: $57.00
Our Price: $24.95
Straw Ram with Easter Banner - Baran The interchangeable electric kistka allows you to exchange different tips while you are decorating. Comes with a fine, medium and heavy tip. If you are not familiar with marinated mushrooms their texture is similar to that of an oyster. We've nicknamed them "Polish Oysters" because of that similarity and others just call them "slimy mushrooms". Either way they are a great delicacy! If you like
Traditional Polish Folk Art Includes fine, medium, and heavy tips. A Must Item For The Wigilia Table
A Kid's Guide to Decorating Ukrainian Easter Eggs Craft Lathe How to Decorate Beautiful Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky)
Our Price: $9.95
Our Price: $29.95
Internet Special $22.95
Our Price: $1.00
This is a colorful guidebook which children and beginners will find easy to read. The guidebook is spiral bound with thick sturdy pages. Instructions are clear and simple to follow. Includes suggestions for parents, a brief introduction to the craft Designed to hold eggs, wood, glass, vases, candlesticks. Base can be adjusted easily for objects up to 8 inches long and 4 inches wide. A 6-page full color step-by-step instruction folder with a page of tips to remember. The same one included in the Super Color kits
by Natalie Perchyshyn 4" x 14" by Luba Perchyshyn
Polish Krakowianka Folk Apron - Fartuszek Krakowski Luba's Super Color Kit - Traditional Kistky Polish Easter Luncheon Napkins (package of 20) - 'Lamb with Resurrection Flag'
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $23.95
Our Price: $4.95
Delightful cooking apron with a Krakow costume design, This apron makes a perfect gift for anyone looking for an upscale kitchen accessory or gift.  It's also a great low cost alternative when you need to wear a Polish costume.  Great way to display you h Three traditional kistky (handmade stylus) in fine, medium, and heavy, 12 brilliant dye colors: (yellow, orange, scarlet, light blue, light green, black, dark green, pink, dark red, brick, turquoise, royal blue), six-page color instruction folder with hel Celebrate the Easter season with these beautiful napkins. These original designs will make any table festive with their beautiful eggs, lilies, Paschal Lamb and resurrection flag.  Three ply napkins with water based paints used in the printing process

Made in Poland

12 dyes & 3 Traditional kistky in assorted sizes Made in Poland
Sto Lat Candles - Set of 10 Polish Folk Scarf with Fringe Delrin Kistka, Set of 3 Sizes
Our Price: $9.95
Our Price: $14.95
Our Price: $14.50
Set of 10 pick candles. Includes STO LAT and 2 present and 2 cupcake candles. However, the real cupcakes in the picture are not included. Size of each letter is approx 1.25" x .75" not including the pick. Beautiful cotton folk scarf with a screen-printed folk design surrounded by fringe.  Choose from 11 different colors.  Please note that there are two slightly different patterns.  Most are a floral and paisley combination but a few have only a floral patt Delrin Kistka, Set of 3
Size of each letter is approx 1.25" x .75" not including the pick. 100% Cotton 1 of each Fine, Medium, Heavy
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