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Polish Krakowianka Folk Apron - Fartuszek Krakowski Krowki Milanowskie Milky Cream Fudge 300g Bag Easter Lamb Greeting Card
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $4.99
Internet Special $2.99
Our Price: $3.50
Delightful cooking apron with a Krakow costume design, This apron makes a perfect gift for anyone looking for an upscale kitchen accessory or gift.  It's also a great low cost alternative when you need to wear a Polish costume.  Great way to display you h Polish Luxury Cream Fudge is an old favorite called Krowki (literally cow candy, pronounced crewf kee) in Polish that you may remember from your youth.  The familiar yellow and brown label is the original product made in the town of Milanowek, Poland. Easter (Wielkanoc) in Poland is the most devout time of year. The Easter Resurrection day is preceded by weeks of ceremonial preparation. The special food that is blessed at the "Swiecone" on Holy Saturday includes a sugar confection or a cake formed like

Made in Poland

Cream Fudge...That doesn't stick to your teeth!!! 5"x7" Folded with Envelope
Polish Paper Plates - Lowicz Floral Design Zywiec Beer Coasters - Set of 6 Krakus Marinated Kurki Mushrooms 29.98oz/850g
Our Price: $2.95
Our Price: $3.50
Our Price: $24.00
Polish paper plates are available in two sizes:
Luncheon size (9" - 22.7cm diameter)
Dessert size (7" - 18cm diameter)
Perfect way to highlight a Polish floral design at school, home, picnic etc.
Set of 8 in a pack.
Made in Poland. Zywiec is one of Poland's best known beers, named after the town in southern Poland where it is brewed.  These attractive two sided coasters sport the brand logo, two dancers in traditional Polish costumes. If you are not familiar with marinated mushrooms their texture is similar to that of an oyster. We've nicknamed them "Polish Oysters" because of that similarity and others just call them "slimy mushrooms". Either way they are a great delicacy! If you like
Set Of 8 In A Pack
Polish Beer Coasters A Must Item For The Wigilia Table
Vavel Marinated Garlic With Herbs - Czosnek W Oleju Z Ziolami Luba's Super Color Kit - Traditional Kistky Classic Heritage Glass Stein - Polska .5L
Our Price: $4.25
Our Price: $21.95
Our Price: $99.00
These pickled cloves have an earthy, herby flavor. Firm to the bite they are ideal for use on a relish tray, chopped up in salads, as a garnish, or right out of the jar. Three traditional kistky (handmade stylus) in fine, medium, and heavy, 12 brilliant dye colors: (yellow, orange, scarlet, light blue, light green, black, dark green, pink, dark red, brick, turquoise, royal blue), six-page color instruction folder with hel This unique glass stein has an antiqued bronze colored metal lid, thumblift, and base. The base of the glass features a permanent amber spray color. The center of the glass stein is decorated with an antiqued bronze colored medallion that reads POLSKA and
Tasty Appetizer 12 dyes & 3 Traditional kistky in assorted sizes This is a very handsome heritage stein!
Red Knit Skull Cap With Waving Flags - Czapka Zimowa Polish Opole Floral Motif Clipboard Polish Wycinanki Bath Towel - Black II
Our Price: $16.95
Our Price: $9.95
Internet Special $6.95
Our Price: $24.95
Display your Polish heritage! Red stretch ribbed-knit skull cap, which features Poland's national flag on either side of the word "Polska" (Poland). Easy care acrylic fabric. One size fits most. Imported from Poland. Colorful Opole floral design clipboard. Made of cardboard (2mm) and colored laminated veneer. It has a clamping mechanism for holding paper. The sliding opening (pull-up) allows the pad to be hung on the wall. Folk decoration on both sides. Polish Bath Towel with paper cut flower pattern from Lowicz. Size approx 19.5" x 39"
Double layer towel: cotton / microfiber
Colorful print on one side, white bottom
Soft to the touch, very absorbent
Perfect for everyday use and for a gift.
One Size Fits Most
Size approx 9.25" x 12.5" Made In Poland
Schluckwerder Holiday Chocolate Wreaths With Nonpareil - Schokoladen Kranze Wycinanki Tote Bag - Folklore Yellow Malwa Forest Fruits Tea - Owoce Lesne (loose tea, 100g)
Our Price: $3.99
Internet Special $2.99
Our Price: $5.95
Our Price: $4.95
Made In Germany these round dark chocolates are made to resemble Christmas wreaths.  Traditionally they are strung with ribbon and tied to the tree for the children to enjoy during the Christmas season.  Careful not to hang them close to lights as they wi This lightweight yet durable tote bag is a perfect way to display your heritage. Made of polypropylene (PP) woven laminate. Water runs right off.  Size opened is approx 14" x 13.5" x 8". Another delightful and all-natural Polish loose tea made from the fruits of Chokeberry, Apple, Elderberry, Rose Hips, Rowan, Black Currant, Raspberry, Blackberry and Hibiscus Flower.  Text in Polish, English and French.
Made In Germany Imported From Poland Filled with Coarsely Chopped Dried Fruit
Red and White Polska Scarf - Bialo Czerwoni - White and Red I Gift Certificates Amber Kaleidoscope
Our Price: $19.95
Choose any amount: $15.00 and up!
Our Price: $21.95
Display your Polish heritage!  Polska scarves are worn in Poland at all major sporting events.  Features Poland's national symbol the crowned white eagle bordered by the phrase "Bialo Czerwoni" - "White and Red" The colors of the Polish flag. Gift Certificate Ecological kaleidoscope placed within natural branch of a hazel tree and filled with tiny pieces of amber. Made by hand, without removal of bark and without usage of any painting or impregnation materials.
100% Woven Acrylic Choose to give a gift certificate in any amount over $15! Hand Made In Lithuania
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