Celebrating Polish Culture, History and Heritage Since 1958

Celebrating Polish Culture, History and Heritage Since 1958

Our Story

Our Story

Owned and operated with love by the Bittner family, The Polish Art Center is one of the country's premier emporiums of Polish cultural and traditional goods.

Since 1958

Since 1958

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Owned & Operated

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2 Stores in Michigan

2 Stores

in Michigan

These cotton handkerchiefs are made of combed yarn, which makes them smooth and soft to the touch - 100% cotton. A great gift idea for people of all ages.  Size is approx 12" x 12".  Set of 3 in an attractive gift box..  Made In Poland. Polish Floral Handkerchiefs Floral Motif I - Box Set of 3

Made In Poland

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Two layer decorative Polish Eagle face mask. 100% cotton inner layer and polyester outer layer. Safety: does not cause irritation, does not obstruct breathing. Reusable: can be washed and ironed. Polish Flag Design Decorative Face Mask

Made In Poland

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Sto Lat Party Balloons Set of 6. 3 assorted colors. Size approx 13". Helium quality.  Not for children under 3 years old. Sto Lat Party Balloons Set of 6

Made In Italy

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Polish artist Karolina Merska's richly ornamented, reimagined pajaki mobiles have caught the attention of design shows and interiors magazines across the world. Pajaki literally means "spiders of straw," and using simple materials such as rye straw, dried Making Mobiles: Creating Beautiful Polish Pajaki from Natural Materials

By Karolina Merska

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At Wawel, our tradition of chocolate making dates back through generations. This bar is nicknamed  "Przy Smak Studencki" - With Student's Taste - Made In Krakow, Poland. Wawel Dark Chocolate With Peanuts, Raisins And Jelly 100g/3.5oz

Made In Krakow, Poland

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You need a way to show the world that you’re a foodie that knows what you’re talking about when it comes to Polish food! Just slap this pierogi pin on and let it do the talking! Get the respect that you deserve, and order a second helping of those Pierogi Enameled Lapel Pin

Size is approx 1" x .75"

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Hand painted chicken egg size wooden Easter eggs from Poland with beautiful floral patterns. Polish pisanki are so colorful and the detail is amazing. Chicken Size Wooden Easter Eggs, Polish Pisanki Floral Design

Symbols Of Your Polish Heritage

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Beautiful stuffed folk design pillow. 100% polyester and made in Poland. Back side of the pillow is solid black. Zipper on one side for convenient cleaning. ​Size 14" x 14". Polish Folk Pillow "Guinea Fowl Friends"

Made In Poland

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Super delicious rice cake covered on one side with rich dark chocolate and whole grains of brown rice. 6 cakes to a package. Kupiec Rice Cakes With Dark Chocolate 90g

Made In Poland

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Sealed poly bag of 250 church (altar) wafers (communion hosts).  Unblessed-unconsecrated.  These wafers are made only from the finest natural wheat in Poland. Pure spring water from artesian wells is the only ingredient added. Altar Bread Hosts - Poly Bag of 250

Made In Poland

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Silesian style dumplings are very tasty with all kinds of sauces, meat, poultry and can be served with all kinds of salads.  Makes approximately 20 kluski.
Instructions in both Polish and English text. Product of Poland. Vavel Silesian Style Potato Dumpling Mix - Kluski Slaskie 8.82oz/250g

Product Of Poland - Non GMO

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One of Poland's most popular chocolate bars originated in the 1950's by Olza SA in Cieszyn.  It's a dark chocolate covered wafer, with four layers of wafer joined by three layers of chocolate-flavored filling. Prince Polo Classic - Dark Chocolate Confection - Box of 32

Delicious Dark Chocolate Wafer Bar - A Polish Treat

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Pair of decorative candles perfect for your Easter table. Made of paraffin. Made In Poland. Size is approx 11.5" long. Polish Easter Candle Pairs - Pussywillows And Pisanki 11.5"

Made In Poland

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This beautifully designed goose egg is dyed one color and the design scratched into the egg using a sharp knife. The technique is called "skrobanki" in Polish. The eggs have been emptied and strung through with ribbon for hanging. No two eggs are exactly Hand Scratched Opole Goose Egg

Ready To Hang

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A gentle symbol of springtime. This 3-dimensional lamb will charm everyone at your Easter table. Size is 5.5"  tall x 7" long  x 2.5" wide. Easter Lamb Mold Cake Pan Set

Made In Poland

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Folk is in fashion and these beautiful Polish hosiery featuring a traditional Kaszubian floral design on a red background. Made in Lowicz, Poland. Polish Folk Style Ladies Crew Socks - Kaszub Red

Made In Lowicz, Poland

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The Polish Army Ensemble sings beautiful Polish Easter songs.  17 selections. Piesni Wielkanocne Polish Easter Songs By The Polish Army Ensemble [r]

Compact Disc
Polish Army Ensemble

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