2009 Autumn Edition
By Robert Strybel, "The Polish Answer Man" 2009 Autumn Edition

2009 Autumn Edition 

• Polish News Bytes (Brief News Items Of General Interest)

• Poland Didn't Start The War But Was First To Fight  (WWII 70th Anniversary Feature)

• Us Pressures Poland To Compensate Jews (Feature Article)

• Do Poles Still Love America? (Feature Article)

• Crusading Welshman Defends Polish Image (Feature Article)

• Does Your Family Have Polish Noble Roots? (Heraldry Feature)

• Polish Surname Corner(Finding Out What Polish Last Names Mean)

• Boles³aw Is Not Bill… (Polish First-Name Feature)

• Ask Our Man In Warsaw (Question & Answer Column)

• Mushrooming – A Favorite Polish Pastime (Lifestyle Feature)

• Dining Polish Across North America (Polish Restaurant Listing)

• Polish Chef –  Three Installments:
  1. Polish Plum, Prune & Powid³a Cookery
  2. Polish “Okrasa” Cookery