2008 Spring Edition Annual Polish Heritage Quiz
By Robert Strybel, "The Polish Answer Man" 2008 Annual Polish Heritage Quiz

Last chance to win one of Polonia’s best-known cookbooks

Polish  Heritage  Quiz

            You may win one of Polonia’s two best-known cookbooks by taking part in this little heritage quiz. First prize is “Polish Heritage Cookery”, the voluminous nearly 1,000-page, 2,200-recipe culinary “bible” known as the biggest Polish cookbook ever published in English. Second prize is “Polish Holiday Cookery” containing more than 400 recipes, tailored to holidays, banquets, festivals, weddings and other special occasions.

            To be eligible, please write your name and address at the top of a blank sheet of paper and indicate the newspaper you saw this quiz printed in. Number it from 1 to 6 and after each number encircle the letter that correctly completes the following statements:

1.      Bieszczady, Karkonosze and Tatry are: a) rivers, b) cities, c) mountains.

2.      For signing a pact with the Devil the legendary Pan Twardowski was forced to spend eternity: a) on Mars, b) in Purgatory, c) on the Moon.

3.      The parental blessing is normally bestowed: a) on Christmas, b) on Easter c) at weddings.

4.      The father of composer Frederick Chopin was: a) Italian,  b) French, c) Russian.

5.      The 17th-century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth stretched from the Baltic to the: a) Mediterranean, b) Black Sea, c) Caspian Sea.

6.      Poland’s World Heritage Site salt-mine is located in: a) Wieliczna, b) Wieliczka, c) Wielun.. 

Please airmail your replies without delay (indicating the paper you saw this quiz in) to:

Polish Heritage Quiz
ul. Kaniowska 24

01-529 Warsaw, Poland

            Your replies may also be e-mailed to: [email protected].  All correct entries will take part in a random drawing to select the winners.