Warsaw correspondent completes 35th year
By Robert Strybel, "The Polish Answer Man"

Robert Strybel PhotoWARSAW - Although I have been at this for three and a half decades, people still occasionally write or e-mail to ask whether I am a Polish-born Pole who speaks good English, a Polish American who knows Polish or perhaps something else. I figured therefore that my 35th anniversary as Polonia's Man in Warsaw was as good a time as any to set the record straight.  More of this article.....

2011 Summer Edition

1. Announcing the winners of the PolAm Heritage Quiz
2. Polish News Bytes - “ Polish and Polonian news-briefs
3. Polarized Poland leads EU (feature article)
4. Beatification aftermath (feature article)
5. Poland's White Eagle (Historical Feature article)
6. Poland - PolAm retirement haven? (lifestyles feature)
7. From Debkowski to Dembkoski (Polish surname corner)
8.  Fleeing Stalin's hell (movie review of "The Way Out")
9.  Celebrating namesdays (lifestyles feature)
10. Polish notions & beliefs (compilation of common practices)
11.  Ask Our Man in Warsaw (Question & Answer column)
12. Did You Know That...? (Polish historical/cultural trivia)
13. PolAm summertime fun (suggested actives)
14. PolAm festival & picnic fare (Polish Chef recipe column).

2009 Autumn Edition
Polish News Bytes (brief news items of general interest)

0. Annual Polish Heritage Quiz
1. POLISH  NEWS  BYTES - “ Polish and Polonian news-briefs
2.  Poland honors its greatest son - “ 3rd Anniversary of JPII's death (Feature Article)
3. Blessed John Paul II in October (feature article on beatification of John Paul II)
4. Poland claims 70% victory (feature article on NATO summit)
5. Polonia's choice: Clinton, Obama, McCain (feature article on US elections)
6. The Brit-Polonian Connection (news on The British Isles' new Polonia)
7.  Don't chuck busia into the dumpster (feature article on family-root tracing
8.  What's in a name? - “ Polish surname corner (two installments)
9.  Ask Our Man in Warsaw (Question & Answer column)
10. Did You Know That...? (Polish historical tidbits and trivia)
11. Why and how Poles celebrate namedays (feature article)
12. Polish nameday listing (when Poles celebrate their name days)
13. Celebrating our heritage (suggested Polish warm-weather activities)
14. The Polish Chef - Polish-style spring & summer favorites


2008 Easter edition

1. Swiecone: Easter breakfast  (29 Polish Chef Easter recipes)

2.  Did You Know?  (Compilation of Easter-related facts and trivia)

3. Little Lexicon of Polish Easter Treats (listing of favorite holiday foods)

4. Polish Easter greetings (how to wish Happy Easter in Polish)

5. Food blessing - “ the Poles' most popular Easter custom (feature article)

6. Yesteryear's Polish Easter (feature article - “ a nice read for your Easter issue).

1. Polish News Bytes (news briefs of general Polish/Polonian interest)
2. Polonia's Katyn priest laid to rest in Warsaw
3. Ask Our Man in Warsaw (popular question & answer column)
4. Polish surname corner (3 installments of varying length)
5. Polish Christmas alphabet (pronunciation and definition of Polish holiday concepts)
6. Polish Christmas - “ antidote to the Greedfest (Christmas feature article)
7. Upside-down Christmas tree and oplatek (Christmas feature article)
8. Polish Wigilia treats (Polish Chef column)

      1. Poland's black Sunday
      2. Poland not giving up on Mazur extradition 
      3. The Last Mazurka: A Polish 20th-century saga
      1. A deal on a USanti-missile base
      2. Poland wants to add a morality clause
      3. Polish-German strains
      4. Of Poland's 132 living bishops,
      5. Hospital strikes and pay protests
      6. Poland's request to rename Auschwitz
      7. A 1985 plan to kill Lech Walesa
      8. Poland wants Germany to
      9. Prisoners may help Poland 
      10. Poland's best-known formula 1 driver, Robert Kubica
      11. Defiance, a Hollywood super-production 
      12. Polish migrant workers 
      13. A Polish Foreign Legion 
      14. Poland remains a European hot spot 
      15. The cornerstone has been laid 
      16. A modern film-making complex is being built 
      17. A new Paderewski 
      18. King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz al Saud 
      19. 47 food products 
      20. The legendary Orient Express
      21. The works of a Polish artist 
      22. The town of Wachock
      23. Poland may veto stalled talks on
      24. Poland continues to deny
      25. Anti-Polish activities
      26. A stiff anti-smoking bill
      27. Janina Wasilewska,
      28. Former President Lech Walesa
      29. The world's best-known Polish prizefighter
      30. Two Poles have crossed the Baltic
      31. Your Polish Name?

Polish News Bytes - December 28 2006

Autumn/Christmas Edition - October 23 2006

Poland's Catholic Church in Crisis?