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303 Squadron: The Legendary Battle of Britain Fighter Squadron - Softcover 304 Squadron 315 Squadron
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The summer of 1940 and the Battle of Britain—the darkest days of World War II. France, Poland, Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Norway had all been crushed by the powerful Nazi German war machine. Great Britain stood alone, fighting for i 304 Squadron - History of the successful Polish Coastal Command Squadron in RAF. Polish pilots flown Battles, Welligtons and Warwicks. It contains: * Superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings, rare b+w and colour archive photographs. History of the most succesfull Polish Fighter Squadron in RAF. Polish pilots flown Huricanes, Spitfires nad Mustangs. It contains: * Superb colour illustrations of camouflage and markings, rare b+w archive photographs.
By Arkady Fiedler By Mariusz Konarski By Wojtek Matusiak, Robert Gretzyngier, Piotr Wisniewski
A Homeland Denied: In the Footsteps of a Polish POW A Military Government in Exile A Polish Doctor in the Nazi Camps
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A Homeland Denied follows the horrific journey of Waclaw Kossakowski, a young Warsaw University student whose peaceful life was changed dramatically and with far reaching consequences that fateful day of 1st September, 1939. This is a biography of one of the most undervalued commanders of the Second World War, General Stanislaw Maczek, a soldier overlooked by most military historians in the West both because he was Polish and above politics. A daughter’s account of her mother’s wartime experiences and postwar struggle to rebuild her life
By Irena Kossakowski
By Evan McGilvray By Barbara Rylko-Bauer
A Question of Honor - The Kosciuszko Squadron - Forgotten Heroes of World War II A Republic Lost - Rzeczpospolita Utracona A Warsaw Notebook
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A Question of Honor is the gripping, little-known, and brilliantly told story of the scores of Polish fighter pilots who helped save England during the Battle of Britain and of their stunning betrayal by the United States and England at the end of World W This album is a journey across a Polish Republic that is no more. It has disappeared for ever, not as result of normal civilization development and natural social processes, but as a result of the cataclysm that befell it after 1939. Truly exceptional varsavianum - a literary notebook containing excerpts from poems, novels, and essays by many renowned authors and beautiful photographs depicting old-time and contemporary Warsaw Literary notebook containing "Warsaw-oriented" excerpts
by Lynne Olson and Stanley Cloud By Tomasz Labuszewski
Selected And Edited By Marek Zaganczyk
An Army in Exile By Lieutenat-General W. Anders , C.B. And I Am Afraid of My Dreams Armoured Hussars: Images of the Polish 1st Armoured Division 1939-47
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Originally published in 1949 this book describes the political conflicts which marked the birth of the Polish Army in Russian POW camps in 1942, its training in Iraq under British supervision and the heavy combat operations in Italy from the battle of Mon In February 1941, Wanda Poltawska was arrested by the Gestapo. She was nineteen years old. Charged with aiding and abetting the resistance movement—a heinous crime in Nazi-occupied Poland—she was sent to the notorious Ravensbrück concentration camp. This wonderful album is a brilliant pictorial history of the 1st Polish Armored Division composed of about 250 photographs, documents and publications largely collected by WO1 Alexander Leon 'Manka' Jarzembowski, a veteran of 2nd Armored Regiment, as he s
2004 Reprint by Wanda Poltawska By Janusz Jarzembowski
Britain and Poland, 1939 - 1943: The Betrayed Ally Children of the Katyn Massacre - Accounts of Life After the 1940 Soviet Murder of Polish POWs Code Name: Zegota Rescuing Jews in Occupied Poland, 1942-1945: The Most Dangerous Conspiracy in Wartime Europe
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British-Polish relations during the Second World War were dogged by the fact that Polish demands on the Soviet Union threatened Soviet relations with Britain and the United States, and Soviet participation in the war. In this book Anita Prazmowska... Children of the Katyn Massacre - Accounts of Life After the 1940 Soviet Murder of Polish POWs An inspiring story of unarmed civilians of all ages who took on the Gestapo, the SS, and the Wehrmacht—and outwitted them at least 20,000 times.
By Anita J. Prazmowska Journalist Teresa Kaczorowska is the president of the Polish Writers’ Association, Ciechanow Division. She lives in Ciechanow, Poland. Translator Frank Kujawinski lives in Chicago, Illinois. By Irene Tomaszewski and Tecia Werbowski
Foreword by Norman Davies
Commanders of the Polish Air Force Squadrons in the West - Dowodcy dywizjonow Polskich Sil Powietrznych na Zachodzie Destiny Can Wait, The Polish Air Force in World War II Did the Children Cry: Hitler's War Against Jewish and Polish Children, 1939-1945
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We present to the reader a work containing 139 biographies of the Polish Air Force squadrons' commanders in the West.  Materials that we used for the biographies come from the Central Military Archive in Warsaw and the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum This is a reprint of the extremely scarce study, originally prepared by the Polish Air Force assoc. in London in 1949. as the official English language history of Polish flyers in WW 2. Did the Children Cry: Hitler's War Against Jewish and Polish Children, 1939-1945
By Jozef Zielinski and Tadeusz Krzystek by M. Lisiewcz, J. Baykowski, R. Gluski, and W. Czerwinski by Richard C. Lukas
Winner of the 1966 Janusz Korczak Literary Competition for books about children.
Divided Loyalty: Britain’s Polish Ally During World War II Enigma of General Blaskowitz Exile & Identity: Polish Women In The Soviet Union During World War II
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At the outbreak of the Second World War, Poland was a quasi-military State undergoing rapid political and social change. Nevertheless, Britain signed an agreement with the country as part of its decision to adopt a policy of encircling Germany A victorious commander in the Polish campaign of 1939 and military governor of occupied Poland, he tried to stop the reign of terror by appealing to Hitler.  On 5 February 1948, General Johannes Blaskowitz died under mysterious circumstances while awaitin Using firsthand, personal accounts, and focusing on the experiences of women, Katherine R. Jolluck relates and examines the experiences of thousands of civilians deported to the USSR following the Soviet annexation of eastern Poland in 1939.
By Wieslaw Rogalski
Dr. Richard Giziowski By Katherine R Jolluck
Fighting Warsaw - The Story of the Polish Underground State, 1939-1945 First Fighter Ace: In the Cockpit with a World War II Fighter Pilot First Kills: The Illustrated Biography of Fighter Pilot Władysław Gnyś
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Fighting Warsaw is an extraordinary human story. Stefan Korbonski, the leader of the Polish Underground State, portrays the years of the German occupation during the Second World War, and the beginning of anti-Soviet underground activities thereafter. Stanisław Skalski was the top Polish fighter ace and the first Allied fighter ace of World War II. His combat career began on the war’s very first day, September 1, 1939, and within two weeks, Polish pilot Wladyslaw Gnys was credited with shooting down the first two German aircraft of World War II on September 1, 1939. On this day, as Gnys squadron took off near Krakow to intercept the German invaders, German Stuka pilot Frank Neubert attacked,
by Stefan Korbonski By Stanley Stawski, Translated By John Bednarz
By Stefan Gnyś
Foreign Volunteers of the Allied Forces 1939-45 Forgotten Survivors - Polish Christians Remember the Nazi Occupation Frantic 7: The American Effort to Aid the Warsaw Uprising and the Origins of the Cold War, 1944
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In a period of just over two years, from 15 March 1939 to 30 April 1941, ten countries were defeated by Nazi Germany. The speed of these victories allowed some defeated troops to escape, and the hard-pressed Western Allies welcomed these emigrents troops Wanda Lorenc watched horrified as the first Wehrmacht soldiers stormed into Warsaw. Jan Porembski witnessed the mass executions of Polish civilians. Barbara Makuch became a courier for the Polish underground until she was caught and tortured. The Frantic operations were conceived in late 1943 as Soviet forces advanced westward into Ukraine, making Soviet airfields accessible to long-range aircraft based in Italy and later England. American aircraft hit targets in central Europe, refueled and
by Nigel Thomas and Illustrated by Simon McCouaig Edited by Richard C. Lukas By John Radzilowski and Jerzy Szcześniak
Freely I Served (Polish Parachute Brigade) From Buzuluk To Monte Cassino - Od Buzuluk Do Monte Cassino From Warsaw to Rome: General Anders' Exiled Polish Army in the Second World War
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The memoirs of this well known Polish airborne General of WW 2, the author was born in Poland and saw service in the Austrian Army in World War I. He joined the newly created Polish Army in 1918 and served in a variety of command and staff positions durin This album "From Buzuluk to Monte Cassino," is an illustrated history of the Polish Army in USSR, the Polish Army in the East, the Independent Carpathian Rifle Brigade and the Polish 2nd Corps. In May 1944, 40,000 Polish soldiers attacked and captured the hilltops of Monte Cassino, bringing to a close the largest, bloodiest battle fought by the western Allies in the Second World War. Days later the Allied armies marched into Rome seizing the
By Major General Stanislaw Sosabowski By Zbigniew Wawer By Martin Williams
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