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From Poland With Love Kosciuszko, We Are Here - American Pilots Of The Kosciuszko Squadron In Defense of Poland 1919-1921 Polska Przedwojenna - Pre-War Poland
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One hundred years ago, Poles found a champion in an overseas power - although earlier they could not have counted even on European states. The independence of the Polish Republic wasn't obvious to Europe, but for America it became a geopolitical demand. Poland was in ruins after World War I. The fighting front had rolled through some areas more than seven different times, and the result was the almost complete destruction of the roads, railways, bridges, water systems, and power plants. In "Pre-war Poland" - a kind of photojournalism from the past - we present over 200 carefully selected and elaborated archival photographs that show how diverse and fascinating the world of the Second Polish Republic was.  We look at Polish cities - from
Printed In Poland
By Janusz Cisek Printed In Poland
Prewar Jewish Warsaw In Historic Photographics - Predwojenna Zydowska Warszawa Under Polish Wings: The Georgian Emigration In Poland 1921-1939 Warsaw 1920 - Lenin's Failed Conquest Of Europe
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There was probably no other European metropolis that suffered equal atrocities as Warsaw did during World War II. No other Warsaw district was annihilated to the same extent as the northern district.  And no other community was similarly subjected to geno Deluxe album of archival black and white photographs of Warsaw and its inhabitants in the interwar period. The dramatic and little-known story of how, in the summer of 1920, Lenin came within a hair's breadth of shattering the painstakingly constructed Versailles peace settlement and spreading Bolshevism to western Europe.
By Jaroslaw Zielinski By David Kolbaia
by Adam Zamoyski
Warszawiacy - To Warszawa! - Varsovians - That's Warsaw! White Eagle Red Star - The Polish Soviet War 1919-1920 Zgineli, bo byli Polakami Killed for Being Poles: Koszmar operacji polskiej NKWD 1937-1938
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Deluxe album of archival black and white photographs of Warsaw and its inhabitants in the interwar period. A masterly account of the surprisingly little-known Polish-Soviet War of 1919-20, a decisive battle that largely determined the course of European history for the next twenty years. In White Eagle, Red Star, distinguished historian Norman Davies gives us In the years 1937-1938, the Polish Nation became a victim of the first genocide in the Soviet Union.  During the "Polish Operation" organized by the NKVD, the Bolsheviks murdered 200,000 of our compatriots.  They were shot in the back of the head, drowned
by Marek Kwiatowski
Photographs 1914-1939
by Norman Davies By Nikolaj Iwanow
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