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Armies of the Russo-Polish War 1919-21 Galician Trails: The Forgotten Story of One Family Memoirs of a Polish Lancer - The Pamientniki of Dezydery Chlapowski
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In 1917 Poland was recognised as a state by Russia, but the Bolshevik coup threatened this. The Polish leader Marshal Pilsudski hurried to build an army around Polish World War I veterans, and in 1918 war broke out for Poland's independence, involving the This is the story of Galicia, once a crown land of the Austrian Empire, located in the center of Europe. Although largely forgotten today, Galicia was a vibrant, multicultural place where the lives of numerous ethnic and religious groups were intertwined Decorated for valor by France and Poland, made one of Napoleon's inner circle, Dezydery Chlapowski's "Memoirs of a Polish Lancer" describes life at the heart of the action. A young Polish cavalry officer, he served in the trenches of Danzig in 1807
By Nigel Thomas and Illustrator Adam Hook
By Andrew Zalewski Translated by Tim Simmons
Memories Of Dziadka - Rural Life In The Kingdom Of Poland 1880-1912 Napoleon's Campaign In Poland 1806 - 1807 Napoleon's Polish Lancers of the Imperial Guard
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This book is about the life of a Polish immigrant from the Russian partition of Poland. It first describes the area where he was born. The next chapter lists many facts and activities of his early life in rural Polish Russia. The After Napoleon's humiliation of Prussia, on the field of Jena, the French Emperor turned his attention to subduing his Russian foe and marched into Poland in the winter of 1806. Six months later, the Russians had been beaten and brought to the peace table This book draws on the original regimental records to give a detailed account of the organization and personalities of the renowned of the foreign units that served in the Emperor's armies.
By Steve Szabados
by F. Loraine Petre by Ronald Pawly
Illustrated by Patrice Courcelle
Orphan Eagles - Polish Armies Of The Napoleonic Wars Poles and Saxons of the Napoleonic Wars Polish Armies of the Partitions 1770-94
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Orphan Eagle is the history of the soldiers who spoke Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian and Blerusian; but acknowledged themsleves  as citizens of the Commonwealth of Two Nations (Poland - Lithuania). They fought for the French Republic and Napoleon from the "Poles and Saxons of the Napoleonic Wars" is the most complete and thorough study of the Poles and Saxons during the wars of Napoleon, including their organization, uniforms, and accounts of their performance on the battlefield. The tragic national epic of Polish history began in these late 18th-century wars. Under Poland’s Saxon monarchy, Russia and Prussia constantly meddled in the affairs of the Kingdom. In 1768 a civil war broke out between pro-Russian ‘Commonwealth’ Poles an
by Vincent W. Rospond
by George Nafziger, Mariusz T. Wesolowski, and Tom Devoe By  Vincent W. Rospond
Illustrator: Raffaele Ruggeri
Polish Immigration To America: When, Why, How And Where Sons of the White Eagle in the American Civil War: Divided Poles in a Divided Nation The Peasant Prince: Thaddeus Kosciuszko and the Age of Revolution
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When did your Polish ancestors immigrate, where did they leave, why did they leave, how did they get here? These are questions we all hope to find the answers. This book discusses the history of Poland and gives some insights to possible answers to the This book describes nine transplanted Poles who participated in the Civil War. They span three generations and are connected by culture, nationality and adherence to their principles and ideals. The common thread that runs through their lives The Peasant Prince: Thaddeus Kosciuszko and the Age of Revolution
By Steve Szabados
By Mark F. Bielski Autographed By Alex Storozynski
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