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Beginner's Polish, Softcover by Ewa Wanasz-Bialasiewicz First Year Polish, second edition, revised and expanded. Language Learning Polish SE
Our Price: $9.95
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Designed to meet the bilingual needs of the businessperson, tourist or student traveling in Europe. First learn about country histories and cultures, including social customs, restaurant practices and other daily tasks. Then learn basic language skills, i First Year Polish is intended for use in both high school and college courses and for individualized instruction. The book is written for persons with little or no previous language-learning experience. Attention is paid to speaking, reading, writing, and Language Learning Polish SE (special edition) package is a 2-CD pack which contains a computer CD-ROM and a digital Audio CD. This 2-CD pack is developed to help English speakers learn to understand, read, and speak Polish quickly and easily.
by Ewa Wanasz-Bialasiewicz by Oscar Swan For Beginning To Intermediate Studies
Language/30 POLISH Audio CD Course Sing Along With Me - Let's Learn Polish Together by the Lira Singers Supplemental Materials for First Year Polish
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Our Price: $24.95
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Language/30 is based on the widely acclaimed, accelerated learning method developed for U.S. Government personnel. This proven technique features all phrases in Polish and English, with the Polish phrase spoken twice for maximum learning. This Audio CD teaches basic Polish phrases, such as greetings, family terms (mommy, daddy, sister, uncle, etc.), popular songs (Sto lat, Today is my birthday, etc.), prayers, alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months, verbs, and other important building Although designed primarily for use with Oscar Swan's First Year Polish the material in this workbook can also be used with other Polish textbooks. Part I, Alphabet and Phonetics, has a systematic presentation of the Polish alphabet, notes on phonetics, a
CD's and Phrase Book Compact Disc by Leonard A. Polakiewicz
Teach Yourself Polish Conversation Audio CD's Vocabulearn, Level II Cassettes & Word List
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Our Price: $16.00
Internet Special $8.00
This stand-alone, all-audio course can be used by those who have little or no knowledge of the language, by those who want to learn or brush up basic conversation skills, and by more advanced learners who want require extra audio material to complement t This is the only audio language learning system designed to teach the way you learn best...concentrating on vocabulary and helpful expressions. Contains over 1500 commonly used words and expressions -- the building blocks of language. This "audio flash ca
By Joanna Michalak-Gray Instant Vocabulary Fast, Fun & effective
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