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Babushka Baba Yaga Chicken Sunday - Hardcover Chicken Sunday - Softcover
Our Price: $6.99
Our Price: $16.99
Our Price: $5.99
She was the last of her kind. A creature of legends. A being of the forest. And stories . . . were told of her - stories of the terrible, horrible Baba Yaga. Chicken Sunday is a multi-ethnic Easter story. To thank Miss Eula for her wonderful Sunday chicken dinners, three children (a young Russian girl and her African American "brothers") sell decorated eggs to buy her a beautiful Easter hat. "Chicken Sunday" by Patricia Polacco is a loving family story woven from the author's childhood. The text conveys a tremendous pride of heritage for both the African American and Russian Jewish cultures. Softcover, 30 pages.
by Patricia Polacco Softcover by Patricia Polacco By Patricia Polacco
From Father to Father Board Book From Mother To Mother Board Book Pisanka - Board Book
Our Price: $7.99
Our Price: $7.99
Our Price: $9.95
Émilie Vast’s From Father to Father, the companion to From Mother to Mother, celebrates the link between fathers. Using male nesting dolls and narrated by a father to his son, each spread describes one generation’s link to another, from the birth of a gre Émilie Vast has two adorable board books celebrating the relationship between generations. From Mother to Mother uses Russian matryoshka nesting doll artwork to illustrate ancestry. Narrated as a mother to a child, each page traces a new branch in the fam Egg shaped board book for young children. Polish language text all about Polish Easter Eggs.
By Emilie Vast
By Emilie Vast
By Ewa Stadtmüller
Pysanky on Paper: An Activity Book for Children Rechenka's Eggs - Hardcover Rechenka's Eggs - Softcover
Our Price: $12.00
Our Price: $17.99
Our Price: $7.99
Pysanky on Paper : An Activity Book for Children introduces the art of colorful Ukrainian pysanky eggs to children aged 2 to 12. The activities in the book teach symbolism, coloring, drawing, reading, writing, math and science through pysanky. It also inc Rechenka's Eggs - Hardcover A warm tale of love and and the unexpected showing that miracles really can happen.
Babushka, known for her exquisite hand-painted eggs, finds Rechenka, a wounded goose, and takes her home. When she's ready to try her wings again
by Joan Brander by Patricia Polacco by Patricia Polacco
The Birds' Gift The Easter Egg - Hardcover The Easter Egg Book And Matrushka Doll Set
Our Price: $19.95
Our Price: $17.99
Internet Special $14.66
Our Price: $49.95
When winter comes too early one year, hundreds of little birds are caught in the snow and ice. Katrusya can't bear to see the delicate creatures suffer, so she begs her family and neighbors to help her save them. Soon everyone in the village is out gather It's Spring!
Time for rabbits to decorate eggs for the Easter Rabbit.  This year Hoppi is old enough to join in, and if he can just make the winning egg, he will be the one to help the Easter Rabbit on Easter. It's Spring!
Time for rabbits to decorate eggs for the Easter Rabbit.  This year Hoppi is old enough to join in, and if he can just make the winning egg, he will be the one to help the Easter Rabbit on Easter.
retold by Eric A. Kimmel by Jan Brett by Jan Brett
The Magic Egg and Other Tales From Ukraine Ukrainian Easter Egg Coloring Book Ukrainian Egg Decoration: A Holiday Tradition
Our Price: $40.00
Our Price: $3.00
Our Price: $19.95
The stories in this book hold many opportunities for learning. They demonstrate the value of honesty, generosity, and kindness. They show us that animals can be great friends to people and that people have a natural place in the world. 16 designs with explanations on perforated pages making it easy to remove and color! A great way to learn the symbols which include; Fish, star, heart, geometric, butterfly, crosses, horses, flowers to name a few. An excellent book for a child grade 1-3 reading level. It gives an overview of the tradition describing the tradition, process, legends, symbols and includes beautiful color photos. Library quality!
Retold by Barbara J. Suwyn by Elko and Natalie Perchyshn by Ann Stalcup
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