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A Polish Son in the Motherland: An American's Journey Home A Student's Guide to Polish American Genealogy A Translation Guide to 19th Century Polish-Language Civil-Registration Documents
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The author's search begins inauspiciously, but he soon meets a local wine merchant and her son, who are eager to reveal the secrets of Nowe Miasto Lubawskie, the town near which his grandmother was born. With them, he begins to master his ancestral langua Sooner or later most people become curious about their roots. Use this book as a primary reference source for books dealing with Polish-American history and heritage. This user-friendly and practical resource for anyone with roots in Poland makes suggestions on how to locate ancestral towns on a modern map, determine if old vital records exist, and learn how to acquire, decipher and translate the records.
by Leonard Kniffel by Carl Sokolnicki, Rollyson and Lisa Olson Paddock 3rd Edition By Judith R Frazin
Avondale and Chicago's Polish Village: Images of America Budownictwo Ludowe W Polsce - Folk Buildings in Poland Chicago's Polish Downtown: Images of America
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Home to Chicago's Polish Village, impressive examples of sacred and industrial architecture, and the legendary Olson Waterfall, Avondale is often tagged as "the neighborhood that built Chicago." Images of America: Avondale and Chicago's Polish Village she This is a highly detailed description of wooden buildings in various regions throughout Poland from the 19th century, many of which still exist today.  The books begins with and examination construction techniques and architectural designs Polish Downtown is Chicago's oldest Polish settlement and was the capital of American Polonia from the 1870s through the first half of the 20th century. Nearly all Polish undertakings of any consequence in the U.S. during that time either started or...
by Jacob Kaplan, Daniel Pogorzelski, Rob Reid and Elisa Addlesperger
By Tomasz Czerwinski by Victoria Granacki
Cleveland's Slavic Village: Images of America Cyganie - Roma - Gypsies Czar Zabawek Krakowskich - The Charm of Krakow Toys
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Slavic Village began as part of the Connecticut Western Reserve, a parcel of land surveyed and populated with East Coast residents seeking adventure and fortune in the 19th century. This book was issued in conjunction with the opening of the first permanent exhibition in Tarnow of Gypsy history and culture in Poland in 1998.  The book features many black and white photos as well as maps and is printed in three languages, Polish, Engl Exceptional documentation of the early hand-carved and hand-made wooden toys from the royal capital city of Krakow.  Over one hundred examples of toys from late 19th century to the year 1939, showing the marvels solds at Krakow fairs.
By Sandy Mitchell in association with the Slavic Village Historical Society Printed In Poland by Malgorzata Oleszkiewicz, photos by Jacek Kubiena
Czechoslovak Culture: Recipes History and Folk Arts Design Your Own Coat of Arms: An Introduction to Heraldry Detroit's Masonic Temple: Images of America
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Compiled by Pat Martin. One chapter in this book is called "The Music is Alive." This well-written book is filled with lively stories of Czech traditions and celebrations, along with more than 100 recipes. Sixteen pages of gorgeous color photography put t Design your own personal coat of arms. Detailed, easy-to-follow instructions make it easy even for beginners to fashion emblems that reflect family origins, traits, and accomplishments. Decorate plates, mugs, and stationery or create wallhangings, sew-on Images of America: Detroit's Masonic Temple
Compliled By Pat Martin by Rosemary A. Chorzempa by Alex Lundberg, Greg Kowalski
Detroit's Mount Elliott Cemetery by Cecile Wendt Jensen: Images of America Detroit's Mount Olivet Cemetery by Cecile Wendt Jensen: Images of America Detroit's Polonia by Cecile Wendt Jensen: Images of America
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Mount Elliott Cemetery is Detroit's oldest extant cemetery, started by the Catholic community in 1841. The consecrated ground is named for architect Robert T. Elliott, who was instrumental in purchasing the land and was the first interment. Mount Olivet was the second Catholic cemetery developed by the Mount Elliott Cemetery Association. Now surrounded by city, Mount Olivet was nestled in the countryside when it opened in 1888. Directions in 1900 instructed visitors to reach the cemetery via More than a century has passed since the first Poles settled in Detroit. The first communities were established on the east side of Detroit, but the colony expanded rapidly to the west neighborhoods, and Poles in Detroit still identify themselves as East
by Cecile Wendt Jensen by Cecile Wendt Jensen by Cecile Wendt Jensen
Dziela Rak. Umyslu I Serca - Traditional Skills and Crafts in Malopolska First Names of the Polish Commonwealth: Origins and Meanings Folk Dress From Wielkopolska - Wielkopolskie Stroje Ludowe
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The Ethnographic Museum in Krakow published this album in 2005 based on their collections accumulated over a century and through active contacts with artists and craftsmen of the Malopolska (Little Poland) region.  The album is devoted to selected crafts, Family history can not only be interesting, it can be enlightening, rewarding, time-consuming, disappointing, expensive, confusing, and frustrating, too. Not only do you have to contend with not-so-helpful relatives and non-existent or missing records Folk Dress from Wielkopolska in the collection of the Ethnographic Museum in Poznan. Lavishly illustrated with color photos. Text in Polish and English.
By Marian Dlugosz and Photos by Jacek Kubiena by William F. Hoffman and George W. Helon From the collection of the Ethnographic Museum
Galician Trails: The Forgotten Story of One Family Ginace Zawody W Polsce - Dying Professions in Poland Going Home by Jonathan D. Shea, A.G.
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This is the story of Galicia, once a crown land of the Austrian Empire, located in the center of Europe. Although largely forgotten today, Galicia was a vibrant, multicultural place where the lives of numerous ethnic and religious groups were intertwined Once Poland shrugged off the yolk of communism and embraced capitalism a profound change in the work place started to occur.  Government support for the folk arts began to dwindle. The crafts that flourished in the countryside have fallen on hard times. Going Home by Jonathan D. Shea, A.G., A Guide to Polish American Family History Research
By Andrew Zalewski by Adam Skuza A Guide to Polish American Family History Research
Hamtramck Hamtramck: The Driven City: The Making of America Series Hamtramck: Soul Of A City: Images of America
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Fueled by a massive immigrant influx in the early 20th century, Hamtramck went from being a small farming village to a major industrial town in the space of 10 years. This phenomenal growth attracted national attention Surrounded completely by the city of Detroit, Hamtramck is today home to 24,000 residents, but its small size-just 2.1 square miles-belies its expansive history and the influence this remarkable community has had far beyond its borders. Hamtramck:  Soul Of A City - Since its founding in 1798, the city of Hamtramck, Michigan has evolved from a dusty farming community on the edge of Detroit into a nationally recognized town of culture and character.
by Greg Kowalski
And Signed By The Author
by Greg Kowalski
Signed By The Author
by Greg Kowalski
Signed By The Author
Hamtramck: The World War II Years: Images of America Hamtramck: Then And Now Herby Rodow Polskich / Polish Coats of Arms
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Hamtramck: The World War II Years presents a portrait of the city at war. It tells and shows how Hamtramckans coped in a challenging time that demanded strength, dedication, and sacrifice. Hamtramckans stood up and delivered all that was required—and more Few towns in America have undergone a transformation like Hamtramck. From a farming community of 3,500 people in 1910, it became an industrial powerhouse of 48,000 by 1920. Herby Rodow Polskich / Polish Coats of Arms
by Greg Kowalski
Signed By The Author
by Greg Kowalski
Signed By The Author
Orbis Books London 1990
Historic Wooden Churches in the Silesian Province - Zabytkowe Koscioly Drewniane w Wojewodztwie Slaskim In the Borderland of Cultures - Wooden Sacral Architecture of the Podkarpacie Region In their Words: A Genealogist's Translation Guide to Polish, German, Latin and Russian Documents Volume II: Russian
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Historic Wooden Churches in the Silesian Province - Zabytkowe Koscioly Drewniane w Wojewodztwie Slaskim In the Borderland of Cultures - Wooden Sacral Architecture of the Podkarpacie Region This outstanding book includes:
over 88 Russian-language documents and extracts from American and European sources, analyzed and translated -- they include extracts from birth, death, and marriage records of various formats; gazetteer entries; revi
by Edward Wieczorek Color photographs by Tadeusz Budzinski by Jonathan D. Shea and William F. Hoffman
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