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Polish Lublin Cocoa Filled Mints - 280g/9.87oz Na Zdrowie Eagle Shot Glass Set - (6 pc) Red Bottom Red And White Polska Gloves - Ladies' Medium
Our Price: $4.50
Our Price: $16.95
Our Price: $19.95
Individually wrapped dark shell mints with a cocoa filling. Delicious!! Approx 56 candies per bag. Set of (6) glass shot glasses, emblazoned on one side with the Polish eagle against a red & white banner, and the famous toast: "Na Zdrowie" (To Your Health) on the other side. Colorful pair of ladies' gloves with Polska at the wrists. 100% double knit acrylic.
Keep Cool And Dry Made In Poland Material 100% double knit acrylic
Polish Wycinanki Design Nail File IV Classic Heritage Glass Stein - Polska .5L Red,White And Black Polska Scarf - Zawsze Wierni - Always Faithful
Our Price: $2.50
Our Price: $99.00
Our Price: $19.95
Practical and inexpensive way to enjoy a little bit of Poland.  Size approx 7" x .75".
In Poland this is called a "Pilnik Do Paznokci" (nail file). This unique glass stein has an antiqued bronze colored metal lid, thumblift, and base. The base of the glass features a permanent amber spray color. The center of the glass stein is decorated with an antiqued bronze colored medallion that reads POLSKA and Display your Polish heritage!  Polska scarves are worn in Poland at all major sporting events.  Features Poland's national symbol the crowned white eagle bordered by the phrase  "Zawsze Wierni" - "Always Faithful" and "Bialo Czerwonym" - "White and Red".
Display Your Polish Heritage This is a very handsome heritage stein! 100% Woven Acrylic
Easter Lamb Butter/Chocolate Mold Kit Polish Opole Floral Motif Clipboard HummingBird Amber Pendant
Our Price: $12.98
Our Price: $9.95
Internet Special $6.95
Our Price: $12.00
This plastic two-piece mold comes complete with instructions, clips and staffs. Use 1/4 pound (one stick) of butter or substitute chocolate with peanut butter in the center. The front of the mold can also be used to form finger jell-o, placed on a decorat Colorful Opole floral design clipboard. Made of cardboard (2mm) and colored laminated veneer. It has a clamping mechanism for holding paper. The sliding opening (pull-up) allows the pad to be hung on the wall. Folk decoration on both sides. Humming Bird Amber Pendant
Easy to Use & Clean! Size approx 9.25" x 12.5" Size Approx 1" x .5" - 2.5cm x 1.25cm
Malwa Forest Fruits Tea - Owoce Lesne (loose tea, 100g) Semenov Good Family Man 4pc./4.5" Rectangular Magnet - Na Zdrowie
Our Price: $4.95
Our Price: $22.00
Our Price: $3.00
Another delightful and all-natural Polish loose tea made from the fruits of Chokeberry, Apple, Elderberry, Rose Hips, Rowan, Black Currant, Raspberry, Blackberry and Hibiscus Flower.  Text in Polish, English and French. From the traditional crafting village of Semenov, this Russian folk art matryoshka takes good care of his lovely wife and small son and daughter.  The Semenov Good Family Man wears the signature red flowers on yellow background typical of Semenov stacking Rectangular Magnet - Na Zdrowie
Filled with Coarsely Chopped Dried Fruit Hand Made In Russia (Translated: Cheers or To Your Health)
Polish Names Day Candies - Czekoladowa Mieszanka Imieninowa 100g/3.52oz Three Kings Incense Packet Wawel Plums In Chocolate - Sliwka W Czekoladzie 300g/10.6oz
Our Price: $2.50
Our Price: $2.50
Our Price: $12.50
A mix of individually wrapped fruit candies with a strawberry and blackcurrant filling, covered in rich semi-sweet chocolate of the highest quality. Each wrapper features a names-day name and date for the forgetful to remember. Since the 18th century Poles have a tradition of celebrating the feast of the Epiphany (Three Kings - Trzech Kroli) with incense and by writing the initials of the kings and the year at the entrance to their home above the doorway (K + M +B 2017) Kaspar, An old Polish specialty with an unforgettable taste. Better than sugar plums! These are candied plums are covered with delicious dark Polish chocolate! These are addictive, you wouldn't be able to eat just one!
Keep Cool And Dry Made In Poland

Presentation Box

Polish Eagle Skull Cap Polish Frosted Shot Glasses (Shield) - Set of 6 Polish Wycinanki Bath Towel - Black II
Our Price: $16.95
Our Price: $16.95
Our Price: $24.95
Display your Polish heritage! Red stretch skull cap with a large offset Polish Eagle.. Easy care polyester fabric. One size fits most. Imported from Poland. Boxed set of 6 frosted Polish shot glasses each featuring the Polish Eagle below the word Polska (Poland). Hand wash only. Made in Poland. Polish Bath Towel with paper cut flower pattern from Lowicz. Size approx 19.5" x 39"
Double layer towel: cotton / microfiber
Colorful print on one side, white bottom
Soft to the touch, very absorbent
Perfect for everyday use and for a gift.
One Size Fits Most
Perfect table gift for toasts! Made In Poland
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