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Polish Cabbage Soap - "Polish Spring" 6oz. Sto Lat Party Balloons Set of 6 Wedel Dark Chocolate Bar with Cherry Filling (100g)
Our Price: $6.50
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Our Price: $7.95
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Our Price: $2.95
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This handmade soap is produced with fresh cabbage juice; which traditionally has been employed as an anti-inflammatory. It brings an amazing and totally unique bath experience with each use. Making it the perfect gift for friends and family of Polish ance Sto Lat Party Balloons Set of 6. 3 assorted colors. Size approx 13". Helium quality.  Not for children under 3 years old. Wedel is Poland’s oldest chocolate brand and one of the oldest Polish brands still in existence. For over 150 years it has been associated with genuine and original chocolate. The experience of more than one and a half century won the brand wide recogniti
Looks good enough to eat! Made In Italy Made In Poland
Krakus Dark Chocolate Covered Gingerbread With Plum Filling 5.64oz/160g Sto Lat Party Banner 160cm/63" long Piesni Wielkanocne Polish Easter Songs By The Polish Army Ensemble [r]
Our Price: $2.25
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Our Price: $9.95
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Our Price: $17.95
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Dark chocolate covered gingerbread pieces with a plum and apple filling. Great alone or with tea, coffee, milk or your favorite beverage. Sto Lat Single Sided Party Banner ready to hang made of light cardboard. Size approx 6.5" x 63" long. The Polish Army Ensemble sings beautiful Polish Easter songs.  17 selections.
Made In Poland Size approx 6.5" x 63" long Compact Disc
Polish Army Ensemble
Unikat Polish Pottery Stoneware Tea Bag Saucer U4707 Adamba Champignon Soup - Zupa Pieczarkowa 65g/2.29oz ​ Kashubian Heart Pin Back Buttons (set of 6 assorted) - Kaszub
Our Price: $22.50
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Our Price: $1.50
Internet Special $1.00
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Our Price: $5.00
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Pattern designed by Jacek Chyla! Hand made in Poland. The artist has been connected with the Artistic Handicraft Cooperative "Artistic Ceramics and Pottery" since 1986. Since 1994 he has been a pattern designer. Unikat pattern U4707. Adamba Polish Style Mushroom Soup is easy to make. Instructions in Polish and English.  Makes 3 servings. These small pinback buttons are bright and colorful, featuring traditional Polish Kashubian printed embroidery heart designs. We make these buttons in house, a Polish Art Center exclusive!

Pattern Designed By Jacek Chyla

Made in Poland * Just Add Water Set of 6  assorted
Easter Lamb Butter/Chocolate Mold Kit Wycinanki Tote Bag - Folklore Yellow Krowki Milanowskie Milky Cream Fudge Master Case (24 bags)
Our Price: $12.98
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Our Price: $5.95
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Our Price: $71.76
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This plastic two-piece mold comes complete with instructions, clips and staffs. Use 1/4 pound (one stick) of butter or substitute chocolate with peanut butter in the center. The front of the mold can also be used to form finger jell-o, placed on a decorat This lightweight yet durable tote bag is a perfect way to display your heritage. Made of polypropylene (PP) woven laminate. Water runs right off.  Size opened is approx 14" x 13.5" x 8". Polish Luxury Cream Fudge is an old favorite called Krowki (literally cow candy, pronounced crewf kee) in Polish that you may remember from your youth.  The familiar yellow and brown label is the original product made in the town of Milanowek, Poland.
Easy to Use & Clean! Imported From Poland Cream Fudge...That doesn't stick to your teeth!!!
Altar Bread - 50 Large Hosts 2.75" Dia. Malwa Sunny Garden Fruit And Herb Tea Assortment 72g A Polish Christmas Eve - Traditions And Recipes, Decorations And Song
Our Price: $4.00
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Our Price: $9.95
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Our Price: $26.95
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Sealed poly bag of 50 church (altar) large wafers (communion hosts).  Unblessed-unconsecrated.  These wafers are made only from the finest natural wheat in Poland. Pure spring water from artesian wells is the only ingredient added. Deluxe assortment of 36 tea bags: 6 different natural teas: Plum with chokeberry, raspberry with blueberry and acai, pear with pineapple cranberry and chokeberry, ginger with quince and strawberry, and black currant with cranberries. A Polish Christmas Eve - Traditions And Recipes, Decorations And Song  A quick and easy reference, Step-by-step guide and International collection of folklore stories, recipes, carols and decorations with never before published photos
Made In Poland Gift Box of 36 Tea bags By Rev. Czeslaw Michal Krysa, S.L.D
Hand Painted Goose Art Egg "Goral Dancers" Wawel Michalki Klasyczne - Peanut Praline Chocolates 280g/9.88oz On Sale Due To Best But of 9/2021 Fine Polish Cuisine. All the Flavours Of The Year
Our Price: $24.00
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Our Price: $4.50
Internet Special $3.50
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Our Price: $285.00
Sale Price: $150.00
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This beautiful hand painted goose egg comes ready to hang. The eggs have been emptied and strung through with ribbon for hanging. No two eggs are exactly alike and ribbon colors vary as well. Signed by the artist. If you've been to Poland you've probably tasted these dark chocolate covered cocoa and nut filled praline delights.  If not now is your chance.  Individually foiled wrapped.   A Krakow specialty. The beautifully illustrated album cookbook features the recipes of Poland’s most celebrated chefs, such as Wojciech Modest Amaro, Karol Okrasa, Paweł Oszczyk, Marek Widomski and Dariusz Strucinski.
Signed By The Artist
Michalki Zamkowe By Wawel By Jan Łoziński
9539 Jos. Campau
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 874-2242