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Wycinanki Tote Bag - Folklore Yellow Pierogi Love : New Takes On An Old-World Comfort Food Wojtek The Bear - Polish War Hero
Our Price: $5.95
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Our Price: $19.99
Internet Special $16.99
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Our Price: $12.95
Sale Price: $12.50
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This lightweight yet durable tote bag is a perfect way to display your heritage. Made of polypropylene (PP) woven laminate. Water runs right off.  Size opened is approx 14" x 13.5" x 8". Casey Barber’s tribute to the pierogi includes everything from the classic Polish cheddar and potato filling to the American-inspired Rueben pierogi and “Santa Fe-rogi,” and even a world tour with falafel and crab Rangoon. Sweet fillings include sour cher This is the inspiring true story of one of the Second World War’s most unusual combatants – a 500-pound cigarette-smoking, beer-drinking brown bear. Originally adopted as a mascot by the Polish Army in Iran, Wojtek soon took on a more practical role, carr
Imported From Poland By Casey Barber
By Aileen Orr
Polish Folk Art Decorative Toilet Paper Roll Heart Shaped Silver And Amber Earrings 1" Fine Polish Cuisine. All the Flavours Of The Year
Our Price: $4.95
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Our Price: $35.00
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Our Price: $285.00
Sale Price: $150.00
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Polish Folk Motif Toilet Paper. Three ply. We wrap each roll in opaque tissue paper and tie it with a Polish ribbon. Made In Poland. Price is per roll. Heart Shaped Silver And Amber Earrings 1" The beautifully illustrated album cookbook features the recipes of Poland’s most celebrated chefs, such as Wojciech Modest Amaro, Karol Okrasa, Paweł Oszczyk, Marek Widomski and Dariusz Strucinski.
Made in Poland Made In Poland
By Jan Łoziński
Hand Painted Opole Style Wax Relief Goose Egg Polish Easter Candle Pairs - Pussywillows And Pisanki 11.5" Piesni Wielkanocne Polish Easter Songs By The Polish Army Ensemble [r]
Our Price: $45.00
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Our Price: $9.95
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Our Price: $17.95
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This beautifully designed egg is dyed one color, then white wax is melted and applied to form an intricate design which is left on the surfce. The egg is emptied and strung with ribbon for hanging. Pair of decorative candles perfect for your Easter table. Made of paraffin. Made In Poland. Size is approx 11.5" long. The Polish Army Ensemble sings beautiful Polish Easter songs.  17 selections.
Ready To Hang Made In Poland
Compact Disc
Polish Army Ensemble
Prince Polo Classic - Dark Chocolate Confection - Box of 32 Lowicz Floral Decorative Face Mask - White Unikat Polish Pottery Stoneware Tea Bag/Cup Holder U2664
Our Price: $19.50
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Our Price: $6.95
Internet Special $3.95
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Our Price: $37.50
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One of Poland's most popular chocolate bars originated in the 1950's by Olza SA in Cieszyn.  It's a dark chocolate covered wafer, with four layers of wafer joined by three layers of chocolate-flavored filling. Three layer decorative Lowicz floral face mask. 2 layer fleece inner liner and one polyester outer layer. Safety: does not cause irritation, does not obstruct breathing. Reusable: can be washed and ironed. 
 Universal size. Two white, flat, 5 mm A new folk design by master artist Monika Kuczynska!. Unikat Signature Series Pattern: U2664.
Delicious Dark Chocolate Wafer Bar - A Polish Treat Made In Poland

Pattern Designed By Monika Kuczynska

Torcik Wedlowski - Wedel Torte 250g/8.82oz Wedel Dark Chocolate Bar with Cherry Filling (100g) Polish Floral Handkerchiefs Floral Motif I - Box Set of 3
Our Price: $7.95
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Our Price: $2.95
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Our Price: $10.95
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Unique combination of wafer cake, peanut cream and delicious Wedel chocolate. The whole torte is dipped in a dark chocolate then the top is decorated and signed in chocolate with the name of the company's founder,  "E. Wedel"  No two pieces are alike as a Wedel is Poland’s oldest chocolate brand and one of the oldest Polish brands still in existence. For over 150 years it has been associated with genuine and original chocolate. The experience of more than one and a half century won the brand wide recogniti These cotton handkerchiefs are made of combed yarn, which makes them smooth and soft to the touch - 100% cotton. A great gift idea for people of all ages.  Size is approx 12" x 12".  Set of 3 in an attractive gift box..  Made In Poland.
Hand Decorated
Made In Poland Made In Poland
Manufaktura Tablecloth: Floral Polish Stoneware Pattern II Polish Forest Mushrooms Polskie Grzyby Borowiki Slices 1.1lb - 500 grams Polish Folk Music Volume 41 - Kapela Graboszczanie - Polish Sexy Folk Songs
Our Price: $45.95
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Our Price: $95.00
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Our Price: $21.95
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Beautiful floral pattern tablecloth produced by "Manufaktura" , a stoneware company in Boleslawiec, Poland.  Company symbol (also found on all their stoneware) is printed in one corner. There is nothing quite like the aroma of Polish forest mushrooms to bring back memories of Christmas eve dinner.  They add a perfect flavor to home made bigos, kapusta or mushroom soup. No other mushroom is the same.  These are whole mushroom slices. Polish Folk Music Volume 41 - Kapela Graboszczanie - Polish Sexy Folk Songs

100% Polyester Made in Poland

1lb Borowik Szlachetny - Royal Borowik Compact Disc
9539 Jos. Campau
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 874-2242