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55 Treasures of Poland - 55 Skarbow Polski A Handbook Of Boleslawiec Ceramics - Vademecum Ceramiki Boleslawieckiej Akt 1
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On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the Arkady Publishing Company 55 Polish Treasures were selected to be highlighted in this commemorative album.  Full color. Published by the Ceramic Museum In Boleslawiec, this book details the important historical dates in the history of the town's stoneware history.  It also features the history and photographs of the important pieces in the museum's stoneware collection Waclaw Wantuch's expressive monochrome photography shows the beauty of the female body as observed through the eyes of an artist. Original and discreet poses, graceful models to whom the art photographer dedicates the Album.
By Maria Poprzecka
By Anna Bober-Tubaj And Janusz Moniatowicz
Text by Janusz Glowacki and photographs by Waclaw Wantuch
Akt 2 Between Tradition and Modernity: "Ceramika Artystyczna" Co-Operative in Boleslawiec Boleslawiecka "Ceramika Artystyczna" 1950 - 2000
Our Price: $65.00
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Our Price: $49.95
Waclaw Wantuch's expressive monochrome photography shows the beauty of the female body as observed through the eyes of an artist. Original and discreet poses, graceful models to whom the art photographer dedicates the Album. Between Tradition and Modernity: "Ceramika Artystyczna" Co-Operative in Boleslawiec This beautifully illustrated coffee table book is lavishly illustrated with 79 pages of color photographs of Boleslawiec Stoneware as well as the story of the company and its history.  Collectors will be interested in the list of pictures and dates of all
Text by Jerzy Pilch and photographs by Waclaw Wantuch by Katarzyna Zak Spoldzielna Rekodziela Artystycznego
Cracow by Night Cracow City Of Museums Drohobycz In The Work Of Feliks Lachowicz
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Our Price: $54.00
Cracow has never been shown in such a way.  A romantic place filled with mystery and mysticism.  Wonderful historical monuments in a fairyland light.  Grand, historical events in extraordinary colorful scenery.  Charming nooks and crannies of a Medieval c This album features the most beautiful works of art from seven museums in Cracow: Wawel Castle, The National Museum, The Museum of the Jagiellonian University, The Jageillonian Library, The Archeological Museum, The Ethnographic Museum and the Historical This book contains reproductions of some of the most original works by Feliks Lachowicz, a native of Drohobycz. The watercolour cycles "Urycz In Legends" and "The History of the town of Drohobycz", as well as the watercolours and drawings from the series
Photographs by Adam and Marcin Bujak By Dr Jerzy Banach
By Beata Długajczyk  (autor) | Romuald Kołudzki-Stobbe  (autor) | Jerzy M. Pilecki  (autor) | prof. Tadeusz Nuckowski  (proj. graf.)
Folklor - Folklore - Polish Folk Culture From The Boleslawiec Clay - Z Boleslawieckiej Gliny Glory to the Heroes - Chwała bohaterom
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Folklore is an important part of national culture.  As a complex and fascinating phenomenom, it is significant in many ways.  An acknowledged source for the study of a nations's history, folk tradition and culture is one of the key elements. contributing Published by the Ceramic Museum In Boleslawiec. Everything you always wanted to know about the history and story of stoneware from the town of Boleslawiec.  Also lists the stories and works of  23 of the major stoneware producers. Lots of color photograph The album contains illustrations of battle scenes from ancient to modern times. Images which praise the glory of the Polish arms deserve special attention.
Edited by Anna Szczucka and Joanna Kulakowska-Lis
Design by Wladyslaw Pluta
Printed In Poland
By Mariusz Kozik
Jacek Malczewski - From The Lviv Art Gallery Collection Jan Matejko - The Collection Of The National Museum In Cracow Jozef Mehoffer - The Collection Of The National Museum In Cracow
Our Price: $45.00
Our Price: $34.95
Our Price: $44.95
Jacek Malczewski is one of the most outstanding painters in the history of Polish art.  His work forms the backbone of all presentations of Polish Modernist art.  The art of the Mloda Polska (Young Poland) movement was a complex phenomenon. This album from The Collection of the National Museum in Cracow Series dedicated to Jan Matejko (1838-1893), shows the oeuvre of one on the most distinguished Polish artists, an outstanding history painter, from his earliest juvenelia to the works he pain The artistic work of Jozef Mehoffer (1869-1946) spans well over half a century, from his juvenilia made around 1890 under the supervision of Jan Matejko, to works completed during the Second World War.  His creative identity evolved considerably over this
From the Lviv Art Gallery Collection By Barbara Ciciora-Czwornog by Anna Zenczak
Joanna Wapiennik-Kossowicz
Juliusz Kossak - The Collection Of The National Museum Karkonosze Koledy Polskie - Polish Christmas Carol Songbook And CD Set [ch]
Our Price: $34.95
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When Juliusz Kossak (1824-1899) was beginning to take the first steps in painting in the mid-19th century, Romanticism was reaching an established position in Polish art. He was a self-taught artist, briefly trained in drawing by Jan Maszkowski, a Lwow ac The Karkonosze is the third album in the "Rainbow Series", which is dedicated to different parts of Poland. its landscape and nature under threat from man's irresponsibility.  This album is a photographic interpretation of mountain landscape Twenty old Polish carols with words and music, illustrated with twenty three color reproductions of old Polish religious paintings. A beautiful album for Christmas and an accompany CD with music to all the songs. . Polish text only.
by Waclawa Milewska Photographs by Ryszard Czerwinski Polish Language Text
Krakow - Vintage Photographs Masterpieces Of Polish Painting - Arcydziela Malarstwa Polskiego Mistyczne Sredniowiecze - The Mystic Middle Ages
Our Price: $79.95
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Our Price: $75.00
Krakow - Vintage Photographs This new, expanded and updated edition deluxe album was complied by professor Maria Poprzęcki - the biggest expert on Polish art. It presents not only the most outstanding images of Polish painting - from the earliest examples of wall painting to the The National Museum in Warsaw's collection of medieval art is the largest and most representative collection from this time period in Poland.  "The Mystic Middle Ages" is an outstanding art book covering 120 examples from this incredible collection.
by Jacek Purchla and Magdalena Skrejko By Maria Poprzecka
Forward by Jozef Kardynal Glemp
On Poland and Poles Piesn O Starym Saczu - The Song of Stary Sacz Piotr Michalowski - The Collection Of The National Museum In Cracow
Our Price: $59.95
Our Price: $85.00
Our Price: $44.95
"This book written by Jaroslaw Krawczyk is a tale on the history of Poland and the Poles, as well as on the position of the Polish state and nation among other peoples and nations. Stary Sacz has captivated tourists, pilgrims, artists and its citizens for many years.  This is the town of unrepeated charm and atmosphere, built at the foot of St. Clare Convent, frequently called the "Medieval pearl of the Beskidy Piotr Michalowski’s artistic work is a unique phenomenon in the art of Polish Romanticism. The wealthy landowner was barely known by his contemporaries, even though he created a profoundly individualistic artistic vision of the world. The works contained
by Jaroslaw Krawczyk
Photographs by Sylwester Adamczyk and Adam Bujak By Anna Zenczak
Plakaty - Contemporary Polish Posters Poland Mini Album Polish Art Collections in America by Czeslaw Czaplinski
Our Price: $75.00
Our Price: $22.95
Our Price: $149.00
The Polish poster, alongside the Swiss poster, holds a paramount place in the contemporary history of this field of the arts and its development after the Second World War. This delightful album features 96 pages of photographs of the most important places in Poland.  A great little guide for the traveler or just for learning about Poland's highlights.  The last chapter feature pictures of famous Poles in history. Photograph This oversized color album features Polish paintings from 23 collections in America, both large and small.  It took Mr Czaplinski over 25 years to find and catalogue these collections.  It was a monumental project as collectors of Polish art in the U.S ar
Design by Wladyslaw Pluta Photographs by Christian Parma
A Collection Of Polish Art In America
Polish History In Pictures - Dzieje Polski W Obrazach Polish Paintings in the Collections Abroad Royal Residences
Our Price: $79.95
Our Price: $59.95
Our Price: $89.95
This richly illustrated album includes paintings by such artists as Bacciarelli, Brandt and Matejko,. Interesting comments and additional iconography allow you to get to know the historical background of the characters and events portrayed in the painting Polish Paintings in the Collections Abroad A unique album, which presents the four most important Polish royal residences: Wawel Royal Castle, the Palace of King John III Sobieski in Wilanow, Warsaw Royal Baths and the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Each devoted to a separate part of the house
by Piotr Marczak
by Stefania Krzysztofowicz-Kozakowski 2015 - First Edition
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