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Hamtramck off I-75 & I-94 and Cedar just west of Traverse City

9539 Joseph Campau

Hamtramck, Michigan

(near downtown Detroit)
(313) 874-2242

8994 S Kasson
Cedar, Michigan

(near Traverse City)
(231) 835-2242

Wedel Aha! Sesame Snaps - Sezamki Unikat Polish Pottery Stoneware Honey Pot Set U9966 Polish Folk Fitness Outfit
Our Price: $21.00
Our Price: $99.95
Our Price: $149.95
Box of 40 individually wrapped and sealed sesame snaps.  This popular Polish treat is a great snack with each package containing 3 sesame wafers. What is a snap?  A mixture of sesame seeds and glucose rolled into a thin wafer. A beautiful honey pot pattern designed by master artist Jacek Chyla!  Set include pot, top and matching dipper. The artist has been connected with the Artistic Handicraft Cooperative "Artistic Ceramics and Pottery" since 1986. Since 1994 he has been a pat Sporty and stylish Polish folk pattern leggings and tank top fitness set.   They will be perfect for fitness, gym, jogging and other sports activities.  92% polyester, 8% elastane stretchy material.
Wedel Aha! Sesame Snaps - Sezamki Pattern Designed By Jacek Chyla
Made In Poland
Kashubian Embroidery Patterns Kit - Puck School Polish Husar (Hussar) Men's Red T-Shirt Pork Ribs With Cabbage Zeberka W Kapuscie 400g/14.11oz
Our Price: $49.95
Our Price: $29.95
Our Price: $4.99
Embroidery Kit contains 20 large color charts and black-and-white stencils to copy. In the description thread color numbers are specified. Lightweight 100% polyester shirt made in Poland.  Our shirt features the famed winged cavalry of the Polish army.  They are most famous for their role in the defeat of the Turks at the Battle Of Vienna in 1683. Traditional Polish pork ribs with cabbage in pull top can. Just open the can, put on a plate, heat and serve.
Made In Poland Made In Poland
Product of Poland
Krakowianka Baby Style Polish Doll - Small Wycinanki Christmas Card - "Christmas On High" Polish Pottery Stoneware Teapot And Warmer Set - 40oz.
Our Price: $29.95
Our Price: $9.95
Our Price: $132.50
This doll, dressed in a girl's Krakowiak outfit, wonderfully crafted and fun to collect.  Costumes are hand made and vary slightly from doll to doll. This Christmas send your special friends a little bit of Poland: a beautiful hand made Polish paper cut card. For a little more than a mass produced printed card you can have one entirely made by hand.
The paper cut is made from many pieces of colored Artist Initialed.  Set includes teapot, warmer and holder for a tea light.
7 1/2" tall Hand Made In Lowicz, Poland

Artist Initialed

Antique Silver And Amber Cameo Earrings 1.75" Silver And Amber Songbird 3D Greeting Card, Multiple Occasion
Our Price: $225.00
Our Price: $80.00
Our Price: $3.95
Incredibly beautiful silhouettes carved into Baltic honey amber, set in sterling silver, with hook and lever safety clasp. Our silver bird is studded with cubic zirconia and highlighted with Baltic amber.  Size approx 1.75" x 1". Greeting Card for Multiple Occasions. There is a slot on the front of this beautiful card that you can adjust to the occasion! Greeting on the inside varies but are suitable for all occasions; each comes with a slide for the slot
Made In Poland
Size approx 1.75" x 1" 7"x 5" Folded with Envelope
Crystal Stem Shot Glasses With Engraved Polish Eagle - Set Of 2 From The Boleslawiec Clay - Z Boleslawieckiej Gliny Polish Folk Motif Bicycle Seat Cover - White
Our Price: $39.95
Our Price: $21.95
Our Price: $14.95
Crystal stem shot glasses decorated on the front side with an engaved Polish Eagle and the word Polska below on a ruby red background. Reverse side features a cut star burst design. Boxed set of 2. Published by the Ceramic Museum In Boleslawiec. Everything you always wanted to know about the history and story of stoneware from the town of Boleslawiec.  Also lists the stories and works of  23 of the major stoneware producers. Lots of color photograph Attractive stretchy bicycle seat cover decorated with a Polish paper cut pattern. Maximum size approx. 10" x 10".  Imported from Poland.
100% polyester.
Genuine Hand Cut 24% Lead Crystal Printed In Poland
Packaged In A Window Presentation Box
Artistic Ceramic Tile - Krakow Galicia After Galicia : Galicja Po Galicja Multi Color Amber Stretch Ring
Our Price: $24.95
Our Price: $24.95
Our Price: $14.95
This charming artistic wall tile will surely brighten up your kitchen. The unique artwork on this wall hanging tile will make for an excellent gift. Featuring the art work of Polish artist Dominika Stawarz-Burska from Bochnia, Poland. This high quality wa Galicia was nearly as big as present-day Austria; around 1900 its capital Lviv (Lemberg in German) was the fourth-largest city of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Over 300 works and documents from Polish, Ukrainian, and Austrian collections are reproduced. Delightful slices of natural amber connected by a double strand of of woven stretch material and separated with beads. Rings start at size 5 and stretch to fit the largest fingers.  Amber size varies from .3 to .4" high.
By Polish Artist Dominika Stawarz-Burska
Collective Work
Natural Baltic Amber
9539 Jos. Campau
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 874-2242